Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wanted to Love

Redwod Bend
Virgin River #18
Robyn Carr
Released Feb 28th, 2012
400 Pages
Mira Publishing
Source: NetGalley

Katie Malone and her twin boys' trip along the beautiful mountain roads to Virgin River is stopped short by a tire as flat as her failed romance. To make matters worse, the rain has set in, the boys are hungry and Katie is having trouble putting on a spare. As she stands at the side of the road pondering her next move, she hears a distinct rumble. The sight of the sexy, leather-clad bikers who pull up beside her puts her imagination into overdrive.

Dylan Childress and his buddies are on the motorcycle trip of a lifetime. But the sight of a woman in distress stops them in their tracks. And while the guys are checking out her car, she and Dylan are checking out one another.

In one brief moment, the world tilts on its axis and any previous plans Katie and Dylan might have had for their futures are left at the side of the road.

I tried again with the newest Virgin River Series book, Redwood Bend. The premise had potential, A hot biker, ex child-star, meets down to earth mom of twin boys and sparks fly. Unfortunately, the sparks did not fly for me. I felt NO attraction between Katie Malone and Dylan Childress. I think it was a lot like the last book, Hidden Summit, where I felt the dialogue was very "staged", or felt like it wasn't really these two characters speaking.

They meet on the side of the road, we don't even get his POV, and then when they see each other again, he is magically attracted to her. Ok, I can understand this, but then the next time they see each other, he is like "IN LOVE" with her. I just felt it was rushed, or I didn't get too much of a sense of a build up of a real relationship between these two characters.

I keep trying with this series because the characters sound so GREAT and I think I will get this amazing Spark between the hero and heroine, but I don't, and then I am disappointed. I really want to like the stories and I want to believe the dialogue, but for me, it falls way flat.

So I wont say, Don't read Redwood Bend, but I will say that I ended up skimming the last two-thirds.

Ill keep trying, maybe the next one will be a hit for me!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Rainshadow Road is out TODAY!! 


I am still cracking up.  Here I spend all this time putting everyones names to be picked at Random,  and My Facebook Page Pimp wins the Rainshadow Road Giveaway.....

Jennifer Shields......You are the best!!  And Congratulations!!

And I have a second Giveaway Prize, A copy of A Wallflower Christmas, which I LOVE, and the winner of that book is.......................Jeanne Bates, CONGRATS!!

I will be contacting both winners today.

And for those of you who did not win....I HAVE GIVEAWAYS GALORE coming up in the next few months, PLEASE KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED or check the Giveaway's Link from the home page.

 (Winners were chosen using

Rainshadow Road Sparkles

Rainshadow Road
Friday Harbor #2
Lisa Kleypas
Released Feb 28th, 2012
336 Pages
St. Martin's Griffin
Source: ACR from Publisher
Member of Lisa's Divas

Rainshadow Road is Lisa Kleypas at her best. After reading this book, you can't help but believe in magic!

"From then on, magic had come to Lucy when she most needed it. And sometimes when she least wanted it."
Lisa Kleypas has a way of sucking you into the story, and making you feel as though you have known these people forever. Lucy Marinn is such a likable heroine from the very first page. She is the kind of heroine that you are routing for until the very end, and this book was no different. The second she and Sam meet, you can feel the magic in the air, and we get to watch their friendship turn into something more, something both are afraid to believe in.

Sam Nolan is my favorite kind of hero. Strong, funny, charming and true to himself. He knows his limits and what he has to offer. I loved him in Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, and I fell even harder in Rainshadow Road. I devoured the scenes where he and Lucy would just spend time talking, getting to know each other better, and sharing the "magic" between them.
"It's ...creating art with light. A way of sharing how you look at the world. Emotion made visible"

Lisa descriptions are so vivid, they paint an amazing picture, not just of the setting, but of the beautiful work created by Lucy's hands.

Rainshadow Road gives us some Amazing New Secondary Characters, who I think we will be seeing along the way as the series continues. I can't wait to see what happens with Justine, Zoe and Alex. Especially Alex! Who doesn't want to save a lost soul. I think Lisa has written the perfect woman for the job. Maybe they will do a little "Chitchatting"!!

Rainshadow Road will definitely be a keeper, and I am anticipating the release of Crystal Cove and Dream Lake.....What other magic can Lisa Kleypas create?

"And if any passerby had happened to glance in the direction of the bay at that early hour, they would have seen a stream of butterflies dancing into the sky, from the white Victorian home at the end of Rainshadow Road."

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Tasty Reader Reviews

With tomorrow being the official release day for Rainshadow Road, the second novel in the Friday Harbor Series by Lisa Kleypas, I am posting one last review from one of the Wonderful Women who received Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor from A Tasty Read. 

Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite authors and I have read every one of her books. This is such a sweet story and much better than expected.. It's not long, I read it in one day. Three brothers are introduced but this book focus on one, Mark. He is single and raising his sister's six year old daughter when he meets the young widow who owns a local toy store. There is a spark of attraction between them but Mark already has a girlfriend waiting in the wings for a marriage proposal. He wants to grant his niece's Christmas wish for a new mom. Who will he choose?
The story moves at a good pace and I was a little bit bummed out it was over so quick. I can't wait to read the next book in the series
Cindy Kanavy

It seems the Friday Harbor Series not only started out great, but will continue to delight readers with its hint of magic and beautiful, descriptive words by Lisa Kleypas.  I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks about Rainshadow Road.  I hope you all love it as much as I did!!


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I Only Have Eyes for Jake McCann

I Only Have Eyes for You
Sullivans #4
Bella Andre
Published Feb 22nd, 2012
Source: Reviewer Purchased

I have to say that for me, this book was Highly Anticipated.  Even though, I didn't particularly care for the last Sullivan book, I was waiting like a good girl for Sophie and Jake's book.  And I was NOT disappointed with this one....I LOVED IT!!! And I LOVE the cover too...The colors, the couple...Very Pretty!!

If you are not caught up with the Sullivan Family, I will tell you that Sophie Sullivan is the "NICE" twin, or at least that is what the family has nicknamed her.  Her sister Lori is "Naughty", except when Sophie puts her mind to getting what she wants, which is Jake McCann, she will get as Naughty as she has to.  Poor Jake won't even stand a chance.

I don't want to say anymore, because I want to keep the element of surprise for anyone who hasn't read the book yet.  But I will say, that this is officially my NEW FAVORITE Sullivan Book.  Sorry Marcus, but Jake McCann is my new Sullivan Hero.  I flew through this book, stuck on every word, every page....I really loved it....and I loved Sophie.  Yeah, she's "NICE", but don't let that fool you, she is a lot stronger than her family even knows. 

So my recommendation is to GET THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW!! can read the first three, and then GET THIS BOOK!!  Can't wait for the next installment of the Sullivan Family. Those boys are going down and they are going down fast!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Chatting with Author, Felice Fox, Review and Giveaway

Happy Friday Everyone.  Today I have the Very Sweet, Felice Fox here at a Tasty Read talking about her Debut Release, Take Me for Longing, and make sure to answer the Giveaway Question to be entered to win an E-Copy of the book!  (Giveaway running until Mon, Feb 27th)

So without further ado......

A Tasty Read: Hey Felice, Thanks for hanging out today. 

Felice Fox: Thank you so much for this opportunity! It’s great to be here.

A Tasty Read: Take Me for Longing is your first published fiction romance. When did you decide that you wanted to write Romance?

Felice: I started writing romance in college, but I set it aside for a career as a web producer. A couple of years ago my cousin mentioned she was going to take a romance writing class and it was like a light went on in the dusty old attic of my brain. Didn’t I used to do that?! And didn’t I love it?! I couldn’t account for why I had gone so many years without feeding my creative soul in that way, but since the day I ‘remembered’, I haven’t stopped writing!

 A Tasty Read: Can you tell us about Take Me for Longing, and what inspired the book?

Felice: I think everyone has had a secret celebrity crush—some of us gave them up after high school, some still pine! I loved the idea of a heroine whose fantasy crush comes true later in life. Nic is what we all wish a celebrity heartthrob would be like—gorgeous on the outside, honest, devoted and passionate on the inside. I wanted to write a story about an elusive star who realizes the adorable fan waiting in the wings is more than just a pretty face with a name he’ll never remember—she’s the one. Plus, I’m a huge bluegrass fan.

A Tasty Read: What are your plans for the American Heartstrings Trilogy? Will we see more of Nic, June and the Taylor clan?

Felice: Yes! June’s best friend Camille has been very popular with readers, so she gets her chance at love with J.P., one of the Taylor brothers. Nic’s sister completes the trilogy, but I’m still sketching out her hero.

A Tasty Read: Sounds like we are in for more fun with these two ladies! 

For the newbies to Bluegrass, can you suggest a GREAT band whose music inspired this series?

Felice: Wow! I have to narrow it down to one? JThe song “Take Me for Longing” was recorded a few years back by Alison Krauss and was the main song that inspired the series. She and her band just won a Grammy for their latest album “Paper Airplane”. Crooked Still, Sarah Jarosz, the Del McCoury Band, and Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers are a few others to check out.

A Tasty Read: Do you have plans for writing beyond The American Heartstrings Trilogy? Any other genre's you would like to try?

Felice: I enjoy writing contemporary romance, but I’m a total history buff too. I have a full-length time-travel romance called Summerfly that will be released later this year, following the American Heartstrings Trilogy. I also write non-fiction

A Tasty Read:  Well, I for one can't wait to read more from you.  I'll be keeping an eye out for your next release.
Thanks again for visiting with A Tasty Read and for the Awesome Giveaway

Felice: You are so welcome. Thanks very much for having me!

**Giveaway Questions: (Chosen by Felice)
                 Who was your first celebrity crush?

And the winner is.......Tore, congratulations and Thank You all for entering.

About The Author

Felice began writing professionally in 2001 and is a bestselling author in the non-fiction market. Her work appears in online learning courses and many popular websites too. Take Me for Longing, the first novella in the American Heartstrings Series, is Felice’s fiction debut.

Felice attributes her love of romance novels to a feverish bout with The Kissing Disease.

She works, loves and lives in Los Angeles.

Take Me for Longing
Felice Fox
American Heartstrings #1
Published Feb 8th, 2012
100 Pages/E-Book
M. Scribes Press
Source: Purchased by Reviewer

The thing I liked most about this novella, was that it was about something different than the norm.  Nic Taylor is a well-known, Bluegrass Singer, whose life gets turned upside down when a Romance Novel is published that everyone believes is about him, even his own wife and family. 

Nic heads to Malibu, where guess who he runs into on the beach during a Bluegrass jam, yes, you got it, June Cricket, book author and a girl that he could get out of his mind for the last ten years.

Since the book is only 100 pages, I am not going to tell you what happens, you can imagine that sparks fly, and they are not all good ones!

But I will say that I enjoyed this quick read.  For a debut novel, Felice has a way of writing that makes Bluegrass fun and sexy.  When I was finished reading, I was thinking that I need to attend more bluegrass festivals....especially if the Taylors might be playing!!

I enjoyed the theme, I enjoyed the characters, and I will be looking out for the next in the American Heartstrings Trilogy.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Catch of the Day
Kristan Higgins
Released Oct 1st, 2007
Reissued Feb 28, 2012
377 Pages
Source: Reviewer Owned

This catch of the day could be the dish of a lifetime!

First Date à la Maggie
Take one lovelorn diner owner (me)
A generous helping of nosy local gossips
A dollop of envy at married sister's perfect life
A splash of divine intervention (my matchmaking priest)

Combine ingredients with one adorable puppy, add a strong but silent lobsterman with a hidden heart of gold . . . and watch the sparks fly.

Today's Throwback is being reissued with a new cover next week, so I thought it would be a great choice, since you all will be able to go out to the store next week to grab a new copy.  *hee hee* 

What's really exciting is that Kristan's new book, Somebody to Love, which releases in late April, takes place in Gideon's Cove, where Catch of the Day is set.

Not that you HAVE TO read Catch of the Day before hand, but if your like me, I love to be in "THE KNOW" about the secondary characters, especially if they are from an older book and we get to see what has been going on while we were away! 

Catch of the Day not only had me rolling on my butt with laughter, but had me tearing up just as much, which I tend to do with EVERY Kristan Higgins book.  She just has a way of writing such emotionally-charged books.....All the emotions come out!!

And talk about Tall, Dark and Handsome.....Malone, our hero, is the strong but silent type who has Maggie thinking things about him that she does not want to be thinking, well, because her heart is occupied by someone else....ummm....maybe someone who she REALLY should not be crushing on...hahaha.....

Just read it, and if you have read it, leave a comment about HOW MUCH YOU LOVED IT!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whoopie Pies

Hey Everyone, I made these for the FIRST time this weekend for my besties baby shower, along with a ton of other desserts, and THESE WERE A HIT!!  I personally didn't even think they were that great...I really didn't try a full one to be honest, but I am always nervous about serving guest desserts that I have just made for the first time.  You know what I mean?? 

What if they hate it, and won't tell you?  What if they taste horrible? 

But this was not the case at all, EVERYONE loved them...some even took a few home for their husbands. 

So, I thought I would post the recipe today...

Warning: I swear my hand started to spasm from all the mixing....I know....should have used the stand-up mixer, but I LOVE my hand mixer...


3 c. Sugar
1 c. Butter
4 Eggs
1/2 c. Veggie Oil
1 tbsp. vanilla extract
6 c. all-purpose flour
2 c. unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp. baking powder
1 1/2 tbsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
3 c. Milk
Filling, recipe follows


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a large bowl of an electric mixer, beat the sugar, butter and eggs together until well combined.Add the oil and vanilla and beat again.

In a separate bowl, combine all of the dry ingredients.  Add half of the dry mixture to the egg mixture and beat or stir to blend.  Add 1  1/2 c. Milk and beat again.  Add the remaining dry mixture and beat until incorporated.  Add the remaining 1  1/2 cups milk and beat until blended.

With a large spoon, scoop out 32 circles of batter onto a greased baking sheet.  Bake for 10-12 minutes.  Let cool.  Spread filling onto 16 circles and place remaining circles on top, to make 16 Whoopie Pies. 


1  1/2 c. Shortening
3 c. Confectioners Sugar
1  1/3 c. Marshmallow Topping
Dash Salt
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1/3 to 1/2 c. Milk

In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine all ingredients except the milk and beat well.  Add just enough milk to achieve a creamy consistency.  Spread filling across cooled cookie circles. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Talking with Author, Kaylie Newell and A Tasty Giveaway

Today is our Lucky day....cause we have the Very Amazing, Kaylie Newell here today, hanging out and chatting about her NEW RELEASE, Falling In Danger.  I will also be hosting a GIVEAWAY of ONE E-BOOK copy of Falling In Danger by Kaylie, so make sure to leave a comment with your name and email address at the end of this post!!  So without further ado....Ms. Kaylie Newell.

A Tasty Read: Your New Release, Falling In Danger,  has a very unique plot line.  Can you explain how the idea came about?

Kaylie Newell:  I love animals, but I’ve always been afraid of Pit Bulls.  I was guilty of generalizing the breed and judging terribly.  So when the Michael Vick story broke a few years ago, I was surprised to find how desperately I wanted these dogs to find new loving homes, despite the fact that many people were saying they were dangerous and un-adoptable.  As I watched their stories unfold, I saw that despite everything they had been through, many of them did find forever homes.  And turned out to be wonderful, loyal, loving family dogs.  I was fascinated.  And started to feel myself change.  I started questioning beliefs I’d had since childhood. 

Each time I saw one of their segments on the news, I started asking myself questions like, what it would be like to cover a story like this?  How emotionally involved would you get?  What if you had always been terrified of dogs, but needed to tell their story anyway?  How deep would you have to dig within yourself to find the strength to change life long beliefs and learn a new kind of acceptance?  And slowly but surely, the idea for Falling In Danger was born.

It’s about a naïve, young reporter who stumbles onto an underground dog fighting organization in LA.  The ring is eventually busted, but she can’t forget what she’s seen.  She’s driven to do a story on the dogs who were left behind and the sexy detective who ended up saving them.  In the process, she discovers layers of her heart she never knew existed.

It’s a book about being afraid, but doing what you know is right anyway.  And it’s about finding love in unexpected places.  Sometimes all you have to do is open your heart and your mind, and it’ll step right in.

A Tasty Read: Kaylie, I couldn't agree anymore.  The book truly touched my heart.  As the mommy of two rescue pups, I would love for you to tell the readers more about "The Pixie Project".

Kaylie:  The Pixie Project is an animal rescue organization centered in Portland, Oregon.  Their goal is to shed new light on pet adoption, by giving it a fun, fresh twist.  They want to celebrate the fact that there are so many people out there who want to adopt.  And so many wonderful animals to pair them with.  Most of their animals are taken out of shelters and put into foster homes to await their forever families.  Pixie knows that in order to have the most successful matches, prospective new owners need to know what a particular animal is like in a home situation.  It’s like a matchmaking site for pet adoption! J  Their motto is “Nothing is impossible.”

My amazing publisher, Beachwalk Press, has agreed to donate 40% of the proceeds from Falling In Danger to The Pixie Project.  It’s my hope that this gift will touch the lives of many animals looking for new homes and another chance at life.  To learn more about The Pixie Project, you can visit them online at

A Tasty Read: That is Unbelievably kind of them and I hope you are able to make a ton of money for the Project!

A Death that Lingers has some paranormal elements.  Are there any other genres that you would like to write?  And did I hear you were finishing a "Sexy Novella"?

Kaylie: I do love a good ghost story!  A Death That Lingers combines my two favorite subgenres- suspense and paranormal. I’d love to try and write a historical one day, but it would have to be suspenseful.  Or have a ghost in there somewhere ;)

I just finished my first attempt at an erotic novella.  It was a real stretch for me, and a great learning experience.  What I found is that there are definitive lines that I don’t feel comfortable crossing.  I wasn’t sure what they would be before I started, but now I do.  Overall, I’m pretty proud of this little story.  It’s called Teaching Officer Lonesome and I’m hoping to get it polished up to submit in the next week or so-

A Tasty Read: I think it is GREAT to try New things...step outside of the box.  What is next for Kaylie Newell?

Kaylie:  I’m taking the month of February off from writing to concentrate on marketing.  I really want to get the word out about the connection between Falling In Danger and The Pixie Project to maximize the good of the donation. 

In March I’m going to start on my third full length novel, Wolfe Creek.  I’m super excited about this one!  I’m going to write it in first person, which will be interesting.  Everything about this book is so vivid to me already- the plot, the characters, the setting.  I’m hoping it’ll be my best one yet-  Fingers crossed.

A Tasty Read: Well, Ill be excited to read it!!  Can you tell us a little bit about the "Romance Mavens"?

Kaylie: My best writer girlfriends and I got together and decided it would be fun to start a blog.  We’re so proud of it!  Our goal was to make it fun and flirty-  We wanted to talk about writing, reading, romance, hunky guys and everything in between J  One thing we really wanted to focus on was getting some of our favorite authors to guest.  We’ve had Jill Shalvis, Kristan Higgins, and Christine Rimmer to name a few.  It’s been great.  By blogging regularly, it keeps our writing sharp and we’ve met so many wonderful new people who love exactly the same things we do.   

A Tasty Read: Since this is A Tasty Read, share you favorite dessert?

Kaylie: I think my favorite dessert of all time is a plate of warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies and a glass of frosty milk.  Yummy!  Growing up, my mom always used the Tollhouse recipe, so I think those are my favorite.  Makes my stomach rumble just thinking about them J Mmmm…

A Tasty Read:  I can't thank you enough for Hanging out today and I wish you all the success with you writing and with the Pixie Project.

Kaylie: Thank You for having me, and thank you to all who have purchased Falling In Danger.

**GIVEAWAY: Win an E-Book Copy of Falling In Danger, to enter just LEAVE A COMMENT WITH A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. Giveaway will run until Friday, Feb 24th (12am, Eastern Time)

**Winner will be announced on Saturday.

 About the Author

The daughter of an English teacher and a freelance writer, I knew I wanted to be a novelist at the tender young age of twelve. Armed with a college ruled notebook and a ballpoint pen, I set out to write my first manuscript, but quit after seven pages to finish my math homework.

Several years and many short stories later, I’m taking another crack at it. My first book, A Death That Lingers was just released in November 2011 by Beachwalk Press, and my second book, Falling in Danger will be out February 20, 2011.

I live at the base of the mountains in Southern Oregon with a very supportive (and handsome) husband, two adorable little girls, two slightly less adorable cats, and a geriatric mutt named Dodger. I spend my time reading, writing, cuddling my girls and dreaming of my next novel

Falling In Danger Excerpt:

“This way.” Fitz pulled her down another hallway until they reached a door at the end. She limped along, her arm rigid in his hand.

“What are you planning on doing to me?”

Fitz eyed her as he opened the door. “Come on.”

Jessica leaned to the side, looking directly down an obscure flight of stairs which led God knew where. “Down there?”

He didn’t answer, but tugged on her arm, taking the first step down.

She locked her knees in place, her one useless Jimmy Choo sliding maddeningly on the tile. “I’m not going down there.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m not.” Her voice cracked.

“Yes. You are.”

She yanked, but it was no use. He held tight.

Full-fledged alarm finally lit her up like a firecracker. She kicked and clawed, while strange noises escaped her throat. She was vaguely aware of an arm wrapping around her waist, even as she arched away, bucking like something wild.

“Stop it,” he hissed. “You’re only going to make it worse, do you understand me?”

In reply, she turned and sank her teeth into his shoulder.


He snatched her up, this time not seeming to care if he hurt her in the process. Again, she was slung over his shoulder as he made his way down the staircase. She twisted around, desperately trying to get a look at what was waiting at the bottom. Her heart slammed in her chest, and she couldn’t catch her breath. Being upside down wasn’t helping. Where was a paper bag when you needed one?

Fitz slowed and reached over to switch on a light at the base of the staircase, never easing his grip off the back of her legs. A weak, yellow glow overtook the room, and she looked up, shoving her hair out of her eyes.

It was sparsely furnished, and dim. She peered into every corner, trying to make out the details. The tangy, sweet smell of marijuana made her nose wrinkle, as well as something else she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Something vaguely familiar…and unsettling.

“If I put you down, are you going to be a good girl?”

She gritted her teeth, and mumbled.

“All right then.” With that, he leaned over and deposited her into a heap on the floor.

Glaring up at him, she scrambled to her feet, too overcome with fear to stay where she was.

She looked around again, stepping closer to Fitz, not knowing what should scare her more; him, or whatever was in the room with her.

Then she heard the unmistakable sound of a chain dragging in the corner. She whipped around and took a step backward, bumping into the wall of a man behind her. She flinched at the feel of his skin on hers, but couldn’t move away.

“What was that?” Her voice was no more than a squeaky exhale of air.

“That?” He took her arm and pulled her away from the shadows she gaped at. “That was Bruta.”

The chain moved again. It was big and heavy, the kind used with big machinery. Each link was just a little smaller than her own fist. It snaked its way across the bare floor and disappeared into the darkness a few feet away.

Her pulse was spastic, rising and falling to the point where she felt a sickening dizziness closing in on all sides.

“Bruta?” For some ridiculous reason, all she could picture was a bear. And then promptly imagined it devouring her. Piece by bloody piece.

The chain moved again when she uttered the word. It jerked across the floor as if on its own accord. She sucked in a breath and held it, unable to move, her eyes wide and unblinking.

Whatever was attached was getting closer. She could hear a soft snuffling sound as it presumably tested the air and her scent penetrating it. Clickety, click, click. Her mind raced. The sound of paws on tile? It was big, whatever it was. She could sense that, even through the darkness. She tried backing up even more, but Fitz’s solid body blocked her way.

And then she knew. The smell that she had recognized even through the pungent scent of marijuana, and God knew what else.

Dog. It smelled like dog.

Monday, February 20, 2012

IN LOVE with Falling In Danger

Falling In Danger
Kaylie Newell
Released Feb 20th, 2012
Beachwalk Press
Source: Publisher

A journalist stumbles onto the story of a lifetime. And finds herself falling in danger…

I actually just finished this book.  Normally I like to digest it, and then give my thoughts, but this book was AMAZING!!  Kaylie Newell knocked it out of the park with Falling In Danger, and with 40% of the proceeds going to The Pixie Project (which Kaylie will talk about tomorrow when she comes by A Tasty Read to chat, so come back), you have no reason NOT to buy this book!!

My only warning to dog lovers, is that some of the scenes are sad and the discussion of true events are even sadder.  I teared up a few times and you will too, especially when you meet "Bruta".  LOVED HIM!!  Speaking of LOVED.....Detective Ian!!  Mr. Detective is undercover when we first meet him, working to break the "Dog Fighting Ring" case, when he gets stuck babysitting, Jessica Brady, whom the idiot father and son team, have kidnapped to try and get money from her father.  Jessica is everything that he doesn't need at that moment, when he is so close to blowing the case wide open, but her sweet voice and curvy body set off a protective streak in him that even he doesn't recognize. 

I don't want to tell you too much about the story since it just came out today, and I sincerely want you all to read Kaylie's New Release, especially all my DOG lovers....we need to help support the rescues!!  But I will say, I really, really liked this book, I liked our heroine, Jessica, who is funny and spunky, and I already drooled....I mean told you about Ian Cole....even his name is HOT!!  And "Bruta"...who seriously makes this book SPECIAL.....we all need a Bruta in out lives!!

So my recommendation to you is to PURCHASE this book, well, you can also come by tomorrow and chat with me and Kaylie.....I will also be hosting a GIVEAWAY of an e-book copy of Falling In Danger for ONE lucky person to win!!  So COME BACK TOMORROW to enter!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'll take MORE of the Hot Bods Series

More Than Useful
Hot Bods #2
Lacey Wolfe
Released Feb 18th, 2012
Beachwalk Press, Inc.
Source: Publisher

Can she settle for just a little fun?

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning Adam stops by Amy's bakery for one of her delicious muffins…and a little flirting. When he finally asks her out, Amy is thrilled.

Adam informs her from the beginning that he isn't looking for anything serious. Just a little fun. Amy agrees, even though she isn't entirely sure that's what she wants.

She does her best to play it cool, but Adam is sending so many mixed signals he's confusing her, which she finds incredibly frustrating.

Adam is terrified by the feelings he's developing for Amy. It would be so much easier if he just backed away from her. Then there's his sister, who is insisting that Amy is not the right girl for him.

Will Adam be able to figure out what his heart desires before it's too late and he loses his chance at true happiness?

Short, but sweet is how I would describe More Than Useful, the second book in the Hot Bods Series by Lacey Wolfe.  From the first few pages we get a sense of attraction between Amy and Adam, but neither has had the courage to make the first move.  She is ready to be serious with someone, and unfortunately, he is only looking for someone to have fun with. 

So where does that leave them??  In a battle between heads and hearts.

I liked Amy from the start.  Maybe it was because she owns a bakery and I LOVE to bake.  But I felt a kinship with her and I found myself routing for her the entire time.  I even wanted to snack Adam in the head a few times, and tell him what an ass he was being....but as we all know, sometimes men can just be ASSES!!

If you are looking for a fast read, with some smokin hot groping scenes...then More Than Useful is for you. 

Now I have to go back and read, Fool Me Once, which is the first book in the Hot Bods Series, so I can catch up on some of the secondary characters that we meet in More than Useful. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Corsets, Kisses and Kleypas Blog Hop

Welcome to the Corset's, Kisses and Kleypas Blog Hop Hosted by Under The Covers and Lisa's Divas.

The Hop will be running from February 18th thru February 28th, Which is also the Release Day of Rainshadow Road, the Second Book in the Friday Harbor Series by Lisa Kleypas.

Make sure to HOP over to all of the Participating Blogs to enter each individual Giveaway!! 

Blog Hop Stops

Here at A Tasty Read, I will be Giving Away a Copy of Rainshadow Road to ONE LUCKY COMMENTER. (U.S. Friends Only)

**All you have to do is:

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GOOD LUCK!!  And Happy Kleypas Reading

Click Here to Read My Review of Rainshadow Road

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tempted to Read Again and Again

Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss
Pregnancy and Passion #3
Maya Banks
Released March 6th, 2012
192 pages

Highly Anticipated read for me, and it was SO WORTH THE WAIT!!

What a great story we get with Devon Carter and Ashley Copeland, who become engaged so that Devon and Ashley's father's company can merge. Only Ashley doesn't know the truth, and Devon hates to deceive her, but he likes to spend time with her and knows she has potential to be a great wife and mother one day.

Seriously Devon...Potential...Oh boy...He needed a good smack to the back of his head a FEW times while I read this book. Ugh...I actually LOVED Ashley, and I hated knowing that she was going to be was VERY hard to get through the books, but not because it was bad, but because I wasn't sure my heart could take it...haha. She was kind, beautiful, bright and maybe a little flighty, but it made her a fabulous heroine, and Devon was lucky to even lick the ground she walked on. I feel like Pippa when I talk like that!!

Speaking of Pippa, I hope, hope, hope that Maya has a special place for Pippa in her next book....Maybe?? I think her and Cam would make some pretty wild fireworks!! And her other girlfriends were great too...the parts with Ashley and her friends were so true to form, I felt like I was reading about me and my girlfriends!!

And Cam....LOVED, LOVED Cam in this book and I can't wait until book four comes out. Can't wait to see who brings Cam to his knees!!

Highly Recommended Series from A Tasty Read....If you haven't read the reviews for the first two books in the series, here are the links:

Enticed by His Forgotten Lover

Wanted by Her Lost Love

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Interview and Giveaway with Eileen Cook

Today I am honored to have the very talented, multi-published Author, Eileen Cook chatting with us about her Newest Release, Do or Di.  She will also be hosting a GIVEAWAY for ONE Lucky Person to win a E-Book Copy, so don't forget to read all the way to the bottom!!

A TASTY READ: Eileen, Thanks so much for visiting today.

Eileen Cook: Thanks for having me.

A TASTY READ: Eileen, Your New Release, Do or Di, has a teenager, Diana, who channels Princess Diana as her mentor. Where, oh where did you come up with this idea?? Have you always been a fan of Diana? I couldn't help cracking up when she was giving Erin fashion advice!!

Eileen: I was one of those people who got up at dawn to watch the royal wedding when I was a kid. I thought Princess Diana was the most romantic person ever. Of course as her life went on it was clear there was a lot of unhappiness. I always thought she would have been a very interesting person to know. She had so many experiences I figured she would have been a great person to give advice. So many people I know were fascinated with her. I thought it would be fun to have her (or at least someone who thinks she might be her) as a character.

A TASTY READ: Do or Di is your second Contemporary Single Title or Chick Lit Novel, but you also write Middle-Grade and YA. Do you enjoy writing one over another?? 

Eileen: I can't say that I like writing one genre over the other, both are fun for different reasons. I am not one of those people who feels "tortured" by my muse and finds writing to be like bleeding on the page. I love it. Writing is fun. Working in a coal mine is hard, this is making things up for a living. I've always been a huge reader and loved telling stories, any chance and any genre, that gives me a chance to do that is a bonus for me.

A TASTY READ: Is there any other Genre that you would like to write?? Maybe Romance Suspense??

Eileen: I read everything. Romantic suspense, thrillers, horror, science fiction, contemporary stories, literary fiction and even non-fiction. I would be open to writing in any genre if that is where a story took me.

A TASTY READ: If you weren't a writer, what would you be doing?? 

Eileen: I went to graduate school and have a degree in counselling. I worked as a counsellor for people with catastrophic injuries and illness for years so the most likely thing is that if I weren't writing I would still be doing that career. However, I think it sounds far more exciting if I say I would do something exciting like be a travel guide, directing movies or training elite anti-terrorist dogs. Not that I have any skills in these areas.

A TASTY READ: What's next for Eileen Cook?? 

Eileen: Possibly a nap. It's a rainy afternoon as I type this and a nap sounds like a perfect plan. In the bigger picture, I've recently finished a new YA book called The Almost Truth. It is about a teen con artist who when she discovers that she looks like the age enhanced photo of a missing child decides to pull the ultimate con. Then she begins to suspect she may actually be that missing girl......

I have also recently started writing a new book, but am only a few pages in so it is hard to say what it will be about in the end. The one thing I'm sure of is that I'll still be writing.

A TASTY READ: Eileen I hope that you keep on writing too!  Thanks again SO much for coming over to chat today, and for the Great Giveaway!

Eileen: Thanks for having me- and thanks to everyone who has ever given one of my books a read.

Eileen has been kind enough to Host a Giveaway for One Lucky Person to win her Newest Release, Do or Di.  (Ebook)

To enter the Giveaway, please comment below and Tell us what Celebrity you would want as your mentor?

Congratulations to Jen S, who has won the e-book of Do or Di!!  Enjoy!!

About The Author

Eileen Cook is a multi-published author with her novels appearing in six different languages. She spent most of her teen years wishing she were someone else or somewhere else, which is great training for a writer. Her latest release, Unraveling Isobel came out in Jan 2012

You can read more about Eileen, her books, and the things that strike her as funny at Eileen lives in Vancouver with her husband and two dogs and no longer wishes to be anyone or anywhere else.