Monday, February 20, 2012

IN LOVE with Falling In Danger

Falling In Danger
Kaylie Newell
Released Feb 20th, 2012
Beachwalk Press
Source: Publisher

A journalist stumbles onto the story of a lifetime. And finds herself falling in danger…

I actually just finished this book.  Normally I like to digest it, and then give my thoughts, but this book was AMAZING!!  Kaylie Newell knocked it out of the park with Falling In Danger, and with 40% of the proceeds going to The Pixie Project (which Kaylie will talk about tomorrow when she comes by A Tasty Read to chat, so come back), you have no reason NOT to buy this book!!

My only warning to dog lovers, is that some of the scenes are sad and the discussion of true events are even sadder.  I teared up a few times and you will too, especially when you meet "Bruta".  LOVED HIM!!  Speaking of LOVED.....Detective Ian!!  Mr. Detective is undercover when we first meet him, working to break the "Dog Fighting Ring" case, when he gets stuck babysitting, Jessica Brady, whom the idiot father and son team, have kidnapped to try and get money from her father.  Jessica is everything that he doesn't need at that moment, when he is so close to blowing the case wide open, but her sweet voice and curvy body set off a protective streak in him that even he doesn't recognize. 

I don't want to tell you too much about the story since it just came out today, and I sincerely want you all to read Kaylie's New Release, especially all my DOG lovers....we need to help support the rescues!!  But I will say, I really, really liked this book, I liked our heroine, Jessica, who is funny and spunky, and I already drooled....I mean told you about Ian Cole....even his name is HOT!!  And "Bruta"...who seriously makes this book SPECIAL.....we all need a Bruta in out lives!!

So my recommendation to you is to PURCHASE this book, well, you can also come by tomorrow and chat with me and Kaylie.....I will also be hosting a GIVEAWAY of an e-book copy of Falling In Danger for ONE lucky person to win!!  So COME BACK TOMORROW to enter!!


Nola Cross ~ Expect Romance! said...

I've also read this great new book and I agree -- it's a VERY tasty read. I could not put it down. Highly recommend.

Jeanna said...

Highly recommend this book, it is amazing!! I could not put it down!!