Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'll take MORE of the Hot Bods Series

More Than Useful
Hot Bods #2
Lacey Wolfe
Released Feb 18th, 2012
Beachwalk Press, Inc.
Source: Publisher

Can she settle for just a little fun?

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning Adam stops by Amy's bakery for one of her delicious muffins…and a little flirting. When he finally asks her out, Amy is thrilled.

Adam informs her from the beginning that he isn't looking for anything serious. Just a little fun. Amy agrees, even though she isn't entirely sure that's what she wants.

She does her best to play it cool, but Adam is sending so many mixed signals he's confusing her, which she finds incredibly frustrating.

Adam is terrified by the feelings he's developing for Amy. It would be so much easier if he just backed away from her. Then there's his sister, who is insisting that Amy is not the right girl for him.

Will Adam be able to figure out what his heart desires before it's too late and he loses his chance at true happiness?

Short, but sweet is how I would describe More Than Useful, the second book in the Hot Bods Series by Lacey Wolfe.  From the first few pages we get a sense of attraction between Amy and Adam, but neither has had the courage to make the first move.  She is ready to be serious with someone, and unfortunately, he is only looking for someone to have fun with. 

So where does that leave them??  In a battle between heads and hearts.

I liked Amy from the start.  Maybe it was because she owns a bakery and I LOVE to bake.  But I felt a kinship with her and I found myself routing for her the entire time.  I even wanted to snack Adam in the head a few times, and tell him what an ass he was being....but as we all know, sometimes men can just be ASSES!!

If you are looking for a fast read, with some smokin hot groping scenes...then More Than Useful is for you. 

Now I have to go back and read, Fool Me Once, which is the first book in the Hot Bods Series, so I can catch up on some of the secondary characters that we meet in More than Useful. 

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