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My name is Lisa Filipe.  I am a current transplant from Long Island, New York to Wilmington, North Carolina.  I live with my amazing husband, my beautiful daughter Sofia and our two furry babies, Rocky and Tilly. 

I am an Aspiring Author of Single Title Contemporary, Romance Suspense and Young Adult Fiction.  I am currently working on my first Manuscript, which I hope to be published as a series, and have a few other ideas on the back burner!

In the meantime.....I READ and I READ A LOT!!  I love getting lost in the world created by these AMAZING authors.  I love ROMANCE and the HAPPILY EVER AFTER.  I LOVE falling in love right along with the Heroine, and feeling the crushing pain in my chest at the BLACK MOMENT.  I JUST LOVE BOOKS!!  

So I thought that starting a Book Review Blog would be a GREAT way to support all the INSPIRING Authors that work so hard everyday to give us what we want....HOT HEROES....I mean....Amazing Stories that keep us believing in TRUE LOVE!!

Hope you all enjoy the blog and Thanks for stopping by!!



Guest Reviewers
Kerrie Conwell-Strong

A lifelong reader, I have been fortunate to be among Lisa's Avon Addicts sisters. The past year of being a part of that group has shown me my love of books can develop into something more. The opportunity to review and help promote the work of other writers has been priceless, and someday I hope to count myself among them. A stay-at-home-mother of two school-age children, I am currently working on my first novel, a contemporary romantic suspense. My creative muse is helped along by my other hobbies: scrapbooking, baking, running, and participating in triathlons.

Nikki Lynn Vale

I love to read.  I am grateful for the opportunity to lend support to any accomplished author.  I am a member of CNY Writers Haven, The Central New York Romance Writers Association and Romance Writers of America.   I have been learning about the long process that goes into a polished and finished product.  My hope is that someday I may be able to apply those lessons and complete my own contemporary erotic/romance novel.  I enjoy all kind of romance books, especially ones with an extra kick to them, not just the happily ever after.  Reading and writing is my escape from the craziness of being of married mother of four boys and life in the suburbs.

Kelly Wilson
Hi my name is Kelly Wilson. I am 41yrs old, a mother of 4 sons, stepmother of 3 sons and grandmother to 6 grandchildren and the 7th due on Tuesday. I live in Oshkosh, WI. I have been married to my wonderful husband a little over a year. I am an avid reader, but i love gardening and cooking as well.

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What Fans are saying about A Tasty Read

Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much for this beautiful review! I am so touched to read
it. And so glad that you connected with Maddie and Brian. I loved
writing this couple and I'm so happy that you, as a reader, were pulled
into their story.

I truly appreciate all your time writing the review and sharing your
recommendation with other readers. Thank you so much!

(Laura Griffin, Author) 

Hi Lisa,

I recently found your blog off of Marie Force's Facebook page.  I have to say I'm super impressed and am finding myself looking forward to your new posts!!  Thank you for sharing your reviews!

Keep up the great work and best of luck on your book.  I look forward to reading it when you publish!

Have a great weekend!

Kerri Williams

Wow, Lisa! I woke up to your great review of A Death That Lingers and it just made my day :) 
One thing I wasn't prepared for when I started out with this book, is how hard it is to get a review for a full length novel with a medium heat level. Most reviewers seem to be interested in the shorter erotic stories- Thank you so much for taking the time to read it :) It means a lot- 

Thank you for having me! I appreciate you helping spread the word about my books. Hope you have a great weekend!


I love how honest your reviews are, Lisa! Well done. Even though I'm more into paranormals the majority of the time, the aspects you discussed regarding the characters make me want to grab a copy and formulate my own opinions :) Once again, a very enticing and honest review!

Jen S.