Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lost Love......Found

Wanted by Her Lost Love
Pregnancy & Passion #2
Maya Banks
Released Nov 1st, 2011
192 Pages

When Ryan believes that Kelly has betrayed him, he writes her a check and tosses her out.  Kelly and her battered heart head to Texas to start a new life for her and her unborn child.  When Ryan finds her living in a shabby apartment and waitressing in a run down Diner, he vows to do whatever it takes to get her back to NY with him.  She wants nothing to do with the man who turned her away when she needed him the most.  Can these two lost loves find the love again that was lost between them?

What an emotional, heart wrenching experience.  I really enjoyed this book and was pulling for Ryan and Kelly from the first book of the series.  I really liked Ryan, even though he was a stubborn ass and couldn't see past the lies that his stupid-ass brother told.  He redeemed himself and became a protector, which was exactly what Kelly needed.  Kelly was a GREAT heroine.  Head-strong, nobody's gonna push me around kind of gal.  She left town and moved on, making the best of the life she was left with. 

My heart hurt for these two from the first chapter and I just wanted all the pain to be gone so they could love each other without all the past bullshit attached. 

Thank God Maya left us as she did, I would have been devastated if something happened to Kelly or the baby.  I hope to find out more about them in the next two installments of the Pregnancy and Passion series by Maya Banks.  We still have Dev and Cam's stories.......SO EXCITED!!!


Jen Shields said...

Have you read many more of her stories? I just read her blog and was going to head out and buy one of her books. Which one do you recommend the most?

Lisa Filipe said...

I have read all of her Harlequin stuff.....she is such a great writer and very HOT love scenes. The other series I have read is the Unbroken Series....a little more raunchy, which a lot of her books are. I liked the whole series and the stories are NOT cheesy!! Always a good choice to go with a Maya Banks book!! But I have to say the new Pregnancy and Passion series is REALLY GREAT so far....only two books in, BUT I AM LOVING THEM!!