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This Heart of Mine by Brenda Novak (Whiskey Creek #8) #BlogTour #Review #Giveaway @HarlequinBooks


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ThisHeartOfMine by Brenda Novak

Whiskey Creek #8 
Brenda Novak
Released March 31st, 2015

As the daughter of a hoarder, Phoenix Fuller had a tough childhood. So when the handsome, popular Riley Stinson became her boyfriend in high school, she finally felt as though she had something to be proud of. Phoenix was desperate not to lose him—especially once she found out she was pregnant. Yes, she might have acted a bit obsessive when he broke up with her. But she did not run down the girl he started dating next!

Unfortunately, there was no way to prove her innocence. Now, after serving her time in prison, Phoenix has been released. All she wants to do is return to Whiskey Creek and get to know her son. But Jacob's father isn't exactly welcoming.

Riley doesn't trust Phoenix, doesn't want her in Jacob's life. He is, however, ready to find someone to love. And he wants a good mother for his son. He has no idea that he's about to find both—if they can forgive the mistakes in their past…


Netgalley rocks when it comes to making me a happy happy lady! Thank you for the ARC!

Brenda has taken me on such a journey with this cast of Whiskey Creek characters, each book with a new couple but still shining on the bonds of friendship that is still strong among this group. I think I had been hoping that Riley would end up with Phoenix from the moment I read about their High School romance gone wrong, and I guess I wasn't prepared for how much I would truly Love THIS HEART OF MINE...yes...I was bawling within the first few pages...you won't find another heroine like Phoenix...her strength is unmatched, she kind of reminded me of Rachel Stone from DREAM A LITTLE DREAM by SEP (whom I LOVE).

Riley does a lot of growing up as well throughout THIS HEART OF MINE. He wasn't my favorite character after reading COME HOME TO ME, but I definitely found that I grew to really like him a lot and if nothing else, he is a wonderful father who loves his son unconditionally, and maybe he didn't always do what was best, he raised a baby at seventeen..I say kudos to him!

And Jake...LOVED HIM LOVED HIM LOVED HIM...The way he takes his mother under his wing...he is just a truly exceptional kid.

If you haven't started the Whiskey Creek Series yet...get your butt to Amazon or B&N and GET THESE BOOKS! Every time I open one of the Whiskey Creek romances, it further solidifies to me that Brenda Novak is not just a writer, but a story teller. 

THIS HEART OF MINE is a Top Tasty Read...and might just be Best of 2015!

Top Tasty Read 2015

Brenda Novak

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Brenda Novak has penned over 45 novels. A two-time Rita nominee, she's won The National Reader's Choice, The Bookseller's Best, The Bookbuyer's Best and many other awards. She runs an annual online auction for diabetes research every May at www.brendanovak.com. To date, she’s raised over $2 million. Brenda considers herself lucky to be a mother of five and married to the love of her life.

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My Highland Lover by Maeve Greyson (Highland Hearts #1) @Readloveswept #Promo #Giveaway #Historical @RomanceatRandom

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Highland Hearts #1
Maeve Greyson
Released March 24th, 2015

Maeve Greyson unleashes a thrilling tale of magic and desire as a feisty Southern gal falls into the arms of a rough-hewn Highland chieftain.

As the proprietor of a homeopathic store in rural Kentucky, Trulie Sinclair knows that her neighbors think she’s strange—but they have no idea how strange she really is. Trulie was born in Scotland in the thirteenth century to a line of time-traveling Highlanders. When Trulie’s grandmother convinces her to return to their homeland, Trulie jumps back in time, right onto the powerful chest of Gray MacKenna. Just as his steely good looks send ripples through her body, their fierce attraction will send ripples through the ages.

After his parents murdered, Gray is consumed by thoughts of revenge. As the new chieftain of the MacKenna clan, he has reason to believe that there’s a traitor in his midst, and nothing—not even the bonny lass who suddenly drops from the sky—can distract him from his single-minded pursuit of the culprit. But when Gray learns that this sassy beauty possesses gifts beyond the sparkle in her eye, he allows his gaze, and his heart, to linger. While he hunts for the murderer, Gray finds in Trulie a precious companion—and a timeless love.

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No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them. That’s been Maeve Greyson’s mantra since she was a girl. When she’s not at the full time day job at the steel mill, Maeve’s writing romances about sexy Highlanders and the women who tame them. Tucked away in a five acre wood, Maeve listens to the wind singing through the trees and hears her characters telling their stories. Her work is proofed by her sharp-eyed dog, Jasper, and her greatest supporter is her long suffering husband of over thirty-five years who’s learned not to throw away any odd sticky notes filled with strange phrases.

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THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE by Lauren Layne (Sex, Love & Stilettos #4) @_LaurenLayne @Readloveswept @RomanceatRandom #Review

Sex, Love & Stilettos #4
Lauren Layne
Released March 3rd, 2015
Loveswept/Random House
Contemporary Romance
ARC from Publisher
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About the Book

As Lauren Layne’s salacious Sex, Love & Stiletto series returns, a jaded columnist discovers a steamy way to get over an old flame: falling for him all over again.
As Stiletto magazine’s authority on all things breakup-and-heartache, Emma Sinclair writes from personal experience. Five years ago, Emma was Charlotte, North Carolina’s darling debutante and a blushing bride-to-be. Now she’s the ice queen of the Manhattan dating scene. Emma left her sultry Southern drawl behind, but not even her closest friends know that with it she left her heart. Now Emma’s latest article forces her to face her demons—namely, the devilishly sexy guy who ditched her at the altar. 
After giving up everything for a pro-soccer career, Alex Cassidy watches his dreams crumble as a knee injury sidelines him for good. Now he’s hanging up his cleats and giving journalism a shot. It’s just a coincidence that he happens to pick a job in the same field, and the same city, as his former fiancée . . . right? But when Emma moves in next door, it’s no accident. It’s research. And Alex can’t help wondering what might have been. Unlike the innocent girl he remembers, this Emma is chic, sophisticated, and assertive—and she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. The trouble is, Alex has never wanted her more.

A Lauren Layne Romance is the Christmas Hallmark Movie of Romance...Addicting, Heartbreaking and leaves you with a HUGE smile on your face! Her writing is flawless, her characters are sassy, sexy and fresh, and the Stiletto Series is seriously fun! THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE is definitely going to be a Top Tasty Read for 2015!!

So I have been waiting for Emma's and Cassidy (Alex's) story from book two of the Stiletto Series, when they first made an appearance as secondary characters...and so with much begging and pleading on the fan's parts, Lauren gave us THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE, and man can she take my heart and mangle it into chop meat, only to make it into a melt in your mouth bacon cheeseburger of romance! That's right people, I said this book is the Bacon Cheeseburger of Romance...and make that a Blue Cheese Bacon Burger....now that is top notch!

The emotion was spot on, and at times devastating, the sexual tension/or pretend ignorance of the other was hysterical at times, but could take the pages from slow burn to sizzle, and the storyline was fresh and so real, you almost feel as if you are working alongside these fantastic characters!

As a whole, the Stiletto Series is one of my all-time favorites (#TeamMitchell), and as for THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE, well, you will have no trouble Falling In Love with this romance!

I for one am SOOOOO excited that the series is taking a spin in the Oxford direction and I am SOOOO hoping that Lauren is going to give Daisy (Emma's Twin) a story....Cole maybe or Lincoln??

Top Tasty Read

Lauren Layne is the USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance.

Prior to becoming an author, Lauren worked in e-commerce and web-marketing. In 2011, she and her husband moved from Seattle to New York City, where Lauren decided to pursue a full-time writing career. It took six months to get her first book deal (despite ardent assurances to her husband that it would only take three). Since then, Lauren's gone on to publish ten books, including the bestselling Stiletto series, with several more on the way in 2015.

Lauren currently lives in Chicago with her husband and spoiled Pomeranian. When not writing, you'll find her at happy hour, running at a doggedly slow pace, or trying to straighten her naturally curly hair.

SHIP OF DREAMS by Rebecca Heflin (Dreams Come True #2) #Contemporary #Review #Giveaway @Tastybooktours

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Advertising Diva, Laura Armstrong is after Imperial Cruise Lines, the biggest account of her career and the one that will lead to the next step in her Life Plan of becoming one of the most powerful women in advertising. That winning the account will also prove her father wrong is a bonus.

Sexy Southern Gentleman, Nathan Maxwell, is after that very same account, but for completely different reasons. Landing the account means a sizeable bonus just in time to save his family’s farm, and the only stable home his sister’s ever known, from foreclosure.

When the two end up on the same ship in the middle of the Mediterranean for a clandestine reconnaissance mission, Mt. Vesuvius isn’t the only thing that could erupt.

Will Nathan sink her ship of dreams before it ever leaves port, or will the way to love be smooth sailing?


All's Fair in Love and Competition for the same account...

This was my first romance from Rebecca Heflin, who writes a fun, sweet and sexy romance with SHIP OF DREAMS.  The characters of Laura and Nathan were a definite opposites attract romance in the making...and I enjoyed getting to watch them fall in love...with a few obstacles in the way.  

Heflin's writing flows smooth and I love how descriptive she gets without being overly descriptive...I felt as if I was watching a movie instead of reading a book!  I look forward to see where she takes the series!

Fans of Julie James will certainly enjoy SHIP OF DREAMS!

Rebecca Heflin is an award-winning author who has dreamed of writing romantic fiction since she was fifteen and her older sister snuck a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss' Shanna to her and told her to read it. Rebecca writes women's fiction and contemporary romance. When not passionately pursuing her dream, Rebecca is busy with her day-job as a practicing attorney.

Rebecca is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Florida Romance Writers, RWA Contemporary Romance, and Florida Writers Association. She and her mountain-climbing husband live at sea level in sunny Florida.

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VINCENT by Sarah Brianne (Made Men #2) #Review #Giveaway #NewAdult #Q&A @AuthorSarahBri

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Vincent knows the glamorous side of the Mafia, being born a soldier.
Lake lives on the opposite side of the tracks, born the daughter of a soldier.
The light and dark side of him are at constant war, but he is letting his darkness reign.
She is trying to find peace, and she will soon be far enough away to find it.
Discovering that his boss owns her, showed him how little he knew her.
Knowing all about him only makes her want to hate him.

I’m a fu**ing made man.
I’m just fu**ing trailer trash.

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Sarah Brianne brings New Adult to the Mafia...I love it!  Made Men is a Must Read Series!

A little dark, a little dangerous and quite sexy, Vincent steps into the spotlight of this self-titled New Adult Romance with a flair for the dramatics...and that's just the hero Vincent...he sure loves to start some drama...and fights...and more fights...haha.  Is it bad to say that I always find myself laughing at some of the conversations between Vincent, Amo and Nero?

We meet Lake towards the end of Nero (Made Men #1), and you can already see the flash of fire in Vincent over Lake...not that he plans to do anything about it since Lake is his step-sisters best friend.  BUT...who ever said that Vincent has self-control was sadly mistaken.  

Lake spends most of her life trying to please others and once Vincent has her back, she finally has a few moments of true happiness...and a few moments of bad decision making which had me cracking up. (Fans of Jamie Begley will understand!)

The story line was interesting and definitely not your typical New Adult angst-written release.  The Made Men series is one I definitely recommend to buy!

Tasty Book Tours Q&A with Vincent
(Vincent is sitting in the VIP of a very exclusive club)

Vincent, three words to describe yourself
Insane psychopathic killer.

Did you always want to be a “Made Man” or is it something you have no control over?
I was born wanting to be made.

If you had the choice to be anything else, what would you want to do with your life?
There was no other alternative I was going to become made or die trying.

You have watched your best friend fall in love. Do you want the same thing for yourself?
Fuck no.

Is there anyone in the running to be Vincent’s girl?
Sure, anyone with tits and a great ass can be my girl for an hour.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Same place now, except with a better view up the mafia family tree.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me!
Your welcome sweetheart, what are you doing for the next hour?

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Hey! My name is Sarah Brianne and after living for twenty-two years the characters in my head told me enough was enough and I have finally put pen to paper (or is it finger to keyboard?) to tell their stories. Since I was a little girl I have watched every chick flick I could get my hands on, then when I became older I discovered a whole new world of romance novels. To me there is nothing better then a tale of true love and those are the stories that have inspired me to write. Like everything else in my life I have put my own spin on two lovers destined to be together.

Next to my books my prized possession are my two beautiful fur babies, Kalypso and Khaleesi. I know what you’re thinking, do you pack them in your purse? Yep, right next to my kindle.

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Book Blast: TIGER LILY by Amélie S. Duncan (Tiger Lily #1) @AmelieSDuncan #Erotic #Blast #Giveaway @Tastybooktours

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Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily # 1 
 Amélie S. Duncan
Released February 10th, 2015

What started as an assignment became more than Lily could have ever hoped for...

Lily Salomé has encountered more challenges than the average twenty-four year old. After a horrendous crash killed her parents, an abusive relationship was all she needed to calcify her broken heart to stone. So when Lily’s boss comes to her with a challenge most girls would balk at, she knows there isn’t much left in this world to be afraid of.

The target: Jonas Crane, a brooding business mogul who hasn't smiled once since his divorce. Dark, dangerous and mouthwatering, Crane has written a book about life in the fast lane and with the recent publicity, Lily's boss wants the rights. Problem is, Crane won't return a phone call, let alone agree to a meeting. But if a pretty publishing assistant happens to run into him at the Waldorf, with a business card and a smile...what could go wrong?

A lot, it seems. Lily thinks she's going to the Waldorf to meet a rich jerk, or worse, a playboy, but the truth is way more challenging. Jonas Crane is smart, engaging...and devastatingly out of her league.


I managed to not stare in awe at the murals, and walk confidently inside the softly lit lounge of Sir Harry’s.

The sleek mahogany bar with porcelain snack bowls dotted along the top took up a prominent portion of the room, and thereby was the first thing I noticed upon entry. Searching for a place to stand or sit, I zeroed in on one of the empty Japanned leather bar stools, and briskly made my way to secure the seat before someone else. With luck, I captured the vacant seat and swiveled around. Eyeing the eclectic mix of patrons, I stared over the high-fashioned starlets, middle-aged tailored gentlemen, and nouveau-riche designer clad tourists and wondered where I fit in.

Not sure, but I patted my back on arriving with ten minutes to spare before Jonas Crane was due to arrive. Jonas! It finally dawned on me I didn’t have a plan for approaching him. Knitting my brows, I tilted my head down and tried to focus on making an impromptu plan. What would be a good opener? Hello, yes. Jonas? Can I call you Jonas? I’m Lily Salomé from Arch Limited, and I’m your publishing house stalker, nice to meet you.

Fidgeting and inward gazing didn’t mix. At least not when holding my satin handbag with sweaty palms. Unfortunately, this realization came too late and my bag took flight, sliding across the floor.

Shit. I had barely made it inside the bar and hadn’t even ordered my first drink or eaten a pistachio nut without embarrassing myself. Straightening my shoulders and ignoring the burning of my cheeks, I lifted my chin and eased over in the direction of my bag, doing my best to pretend I was bored and didn’t care, or that I had maybe even purposely tossed it around. Spotting the bag, my insides winced at the polished leather shoes it had bounced against. I hastened my steps, but paused as a pair of large tanned hands with a golden ring on the left ring finger picked it up.

Gazing up further, I met the most luminous eyes I had ever seen. They were a rare combination of blue and turquoise like a tropical sea. He had black wavy hair that hung a little longer on the top and sides. Some lines around his eyes, but boasted of an otherwise flawless face. With a smooth angular jawline, straight nose, and well-defined cheekbones most women would die for, he was divine. Not to mention, full sensual lips were flashing a perfect set of teeth.

My hand trembled a little as I took my handbag from him, and recognition finally set in. He was not only gorgeous, but he was the man I had come here for, Jonas Crane. Serendipitous or cliché, it didn’t matter. My “accidental on purpose” encounter with him had taken place.

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Amélie S. Duncan writes contemporary, erotic romances with a dark edge. Her inspiration comes from many sources including her life experiences and travels. She lives on the West Coast of the United States with her husband.

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DOG CRAZY: A Novel of Love Lost & Found by Meg Donohue #Promo #NewRelease #Fiction #Giveaway @WmMorrowBks

Win a Print Book Bundle of Meg's Releases including: 

The USA Today bestselling author of How to Eat a Cupcake and All the Summer Girls returns with an unforgettably poignant and funny tale of love and loss, confronting our fears, and moving on . . . with the help of a poodle, a mutt, and a Basset retriever named Seymour.

As a pet bereavement counselor, Maggie Brennan uses a combination of empathy, insight, and humor to help patients cope with the anguish of losing their beloved four-legged friends. Though she has a gift for guiding others through difficult situations, Maggie has major troubles of her own that threaten the success of her counseling practice and her volunteer work with a dog rescue organization.

Everything changes when a distraught woman shows up at Maggie’s office and claims that her dog has been stolen. Searching the streets of San Francisco for the missing pooch, Maggie finds herself entangled in a mystery that forces her to finally face her biggest fear-and to open her heart to new love.

Packed with deep emotion and charming surprises, Dog Crazy is a bighearted and entertaining story that skillfully captures the bonds of love, the pain of separation, and the power of our dogs to heal us.


Meg Donohue is the USA Today bestselling author of How to Eat a Cupcake and All the Summer Girls. She has an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University and a BA in comparative literature from Dartmouth College. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she now lives in San Francisco with her husband, three young daughters, and dog.

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