Friday, February 17, 2012

Tempted to Read Again and Again

Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss
Pregnancy and Passion #3
Maya Banks
Released March 6th, 2012
192 pages

Highly Anticipated read for me, and it was SO WORTH THE WAIT!!

What a great story we get with Devon Carter and Ashley Copeland, who become engaged so that Devon and Ashley's father's company can merge. Only Ashley doesn't know the truth, and Devon hates to deceive her, but he likes to spend time with her and knows she has potential to be a great wife and mother one day.

Seriously Devon...Potential...Oh boy...He needed a good smack to the back of his head a FEW times while I read this book. Ugh...I actually LOVED Ashley, and I hated knowing that she was going to be was VERY hard to get through the books, but not because it was bad, but because I wasn't sure my heart could take it...haha. She was kind, beautiful, bright and maybe a little flighty, but it made her a fabulous heroine, and Devon was lucky to even lick the ground she walked on. I feel like Pippa when I talk like that!!

Speaking of Pippa, I hope, hope, hope that Maya has a special place for Pippa in her next book....Maybe?? I think her and Cam would make some pretty wild fireworks!! And her other girlfriends were great too...the parts with Ashley and her friends were so true to form, I felt like I was reading about me and my girlfriends!!

And Cam....LOVED, LOVED Cam in this book and I can't wait until book four comes out. Can't wait to see who brings Cam to his knees!!

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ShellyE said...

I loved the first two books in this series!! I can't wait to read Devon's story!!

Toni said...

I'm gonna have to check these out!