Saturday, August 13, 2011

Have We Met?

Enticed by His Forgotten Lover
Maya Banks
Released Sept 13, 2011
192 pages

I was very much Enticed by Maya Bank's upcoming release, Enticed by His Forgotten Lover. Who doesn't love a good amnesia story. Rafe, a stiff suit, has lost a whole month of his life after being involved in a plane crash. Four months later he is confronted at an event by a petite woman who claims to know him but he can't remember ever meeting her. Bryony is pregnant with this mans baby and he is pretending not to know who she is.....she doesn't think things can get worse, until Rafe comes to her hotel room to convince her to help him remember their time together.

As the days and nights pass, the two connect again in a way neither expected or experienced before, but Rafe still holds the deed to land that Bryony owned prior to their deal and he has investors to answer to. What will happen between these two lovers if he continues construction, and what if his memories of that lost month come back? You will definitely need to get a hold of this great read to find out.
Maya has a way of really drawing you into the characters lives, leaving hints here and there without giving away the whole story. This book was a great start to new series, Pregnancy and Passion.

Keep a look out for the rest of the Pregnancy and Passion Series featuring Ryan, Dev and Cam.

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