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Jennifer Bernard stops by and ONE FINE FIREMAN Giveaway

What a TREAT!  What an honor to have One of my New Favorite Authors here at A Tasty Read...For those of you who don't know, Jennifer has written a Smokin' Hot series about a Firehouse Full Bachelors and the Newest Book, Sex and the Single Fireman, has just been released on January 29th! 

A Tasty Read: So Jennifer, my favorite character from The Bachelor Firemen Series hands down is Harry "Brody" Brod, who was voted One of the Top Five Heroes of 2012 here at A Tasty Read.  Who is your favorite character from the series to write, either published or upcoming?

Jennifer Bernard: First of all, speaking on Captain Brody’s behalf, he definitely appreciates the love! I was thrilled that he won a spot on your Top Five Heroes list, what an honor! I don’t like hurting anyone’s feelings, even if they happen to be fictional, so it’s hard for me to pick a favorite character. I will say that I fall madly in love with every single one of my heroes. It’s a good thing my husband isn’t the jealous type. In the book I just finished writing, HOW TO TAME A WILD FIREMAN, I not only fell for the hero, nicknamed Psycho, but also for his younger brother, who’s deaf.  I found the relationship between them very moving, so writing those characters meant a lot to me.


ATR: Oh Psycho...one of my favorite characters...can't wait for his book.  So, ideas for a romance sometimes appear out of nowhere.  Where did the idea for the Bachelor Firemen Series sprout from?

Jennifer: Oddly, it didn’t start with a firehouse full of hunky guys. It started with Nelly McGuire, Melissa’s grandmother in THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME. She’s based on the grandmother of a friend of mine who works with firefighters. I started that first book with no thought of future books. But as soon as I wrote the firehouse scenes with all the hot fireman side characters, I knew there would be more. All those heroic, sexy, single firemen just begging for their happily ever afters! How could I resist?

ATR: How funny is that?  Guess you can't write a series of romances based around one old lady! What are your plans for the series?  I know you got signed on for three more books...Can we get any sneak peaks??

Jennifer: The 4th book will be out in October, and it takes place during a huge wildfire that’s threatening Patrick Callahan (Psycho’s) hometown back in Nevada. It was a blast to get to know more about wildland firefighting and helirapellers and that sort of thing. The next book will be about Vader, the somewhat goofy firehouse muscleman, because I’ve had more requests for his story than anyone else’s! Besides, he deserves a good romance. And the 6th book will likely be about Fred “the Stud.” Everyone is going to finally find out how truly heroic he is. 



ATR: Oooooh....Psycho, Vader and Stud...I am a HAPPY LADY!!  Do you have any plans for Stand Alone Romances in the near future?

Jennifer: Right now I’m so wrapped up in firemen that I haven’t allowed myself to explore other ideas. And I really love writing series. But I wouldn’t rule anything out. I have a completely plotted out historical pirate/single father romance that I would love to finally write. And there’s a gecko-shifter idea I’m toying with … Basically, you never know!

ATR: A Gecko-Shifter....Interesting!!  As a writer and a mother, what advice can you give to other Aspiring Writers, especially ones with a two-month-old hanging from her boob...sorry TMI...who are looking to break out into the publishing world?  

Jennifer: Oh wow, congratulations on your little sweetie! I don’t know how new mothers manage to get anything done, let alone complete a novel and sell it to a publisher. But it can be done! The only way I know to break in is to keep writing, keep learning, and don’t get discouraged. The publishing world requires a lot of patience, in my experience, no matter what route you take. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reminded myself that it’s a journey, not a destination. But if you keep writing, you can’t go wrong! And don’t stint on your sleep.

ATR: Sleep?  What Sleep?  So Alaska vs. Hawaii...which has hotter men??

Jennifer: Oooh, tough one! Alaska has some very fit, strong men, but they’re often hidden behind abundant facial hair and layers of polar fleece. Whereas it’s hard to top a tanned, ripped guy in board shorts emerging from the surf. But if you gave that Alaska guy some time in the sun and a shave, he’d be right up there. Both places have their fair share of gorgeous men.

ATR: Yes, some of the police men in the show Alaska: State Troopers are quite handsome, I have to agree! What was your favorite romance of 2012?  What romance are you looking forward to in 2013?

Jennifer: I read a lot of historical, and I loved Loretta Chase’s 2012 release, Scandal Wears Satin. I also really enjoyed Candis Terry’s Sugar Shack series (I think that was mostly from 2012) and Kristan Higgins’ Someone to Love. I have a big soft spot for Lizbeth Selvig’s Rancher and the Rockstar. I also discovered Tessa Dare this year, and absolutely love her Spindle Cove series. This is just scratching the surface, though – there’s so much great romance being written these days! We romance fans are very fortunate.

ATR: Yes we are! You are a girl after my own heart, Candis and Higgins are TWO of my favorite people!! Thank you SOOO much for hanging out with A Tasty Read today.  It was such a pleasure to have you here and I hope you will come back again to chat!

Jennifer: Thank YOU! It was my pleasure to be here. I’d like to mention a fun sweepstakes going on right now. It’s a chance to show your hometown pride by winning a spot for a firefighter from your area in my next book! It’s easy to enter. Just like my Facebook page or sign up for my newsletter. I’ll also offer signed books to two more winners. All the details are on my website. Enjoy!
A Tasty Reads Reviews on The Bachelor Firemen Series
As a Thank you to Jennifer and My Tasty Readers, I am going to Giveaway ONE (1) digital copy of ONE FINE FIREMAN, the novella that starts the series off right!!
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Pat L. said...

I am read one and have one on my tbr. Would love to win the novella.

Glad I found the series and author.


And I am a follower.

Patti P said...

I did't enter the contest because I already own and have read all of these yummy firemen. I have to say if you haven't read them.....you should. I started and then the rest of my to-read pile got ignored until I finished them all.
Thank you for a great post.
Jennifer please keep writing and I will keep reading and buying. :)
If you ever need early reviewers, I am willing.

Musicalfrog at comcast dot net

krg said...

I have not read this series yet, but it is on my TBR list! I would love to win and start this series off right! Thanks!

LS said...

I haven't read any of the series yet but I want to start now...would love to win...do you need to read them in order? Thanks lsscarchuk@att.net

Jennifer said...

Thanks for having me on the blog! And thanks to everyone stopping by. Good luck in the giveaway!

Patti - I'm thrilled you enjoyed the series so much! Music to my ears! And I will definitely keep you in mind for the next book. :-)

LS - No, you don't need to read them in order. Each book involves a different fireman hero. Start anywhere and have fun!