Monday, March 12, 2012

This New Series is on FIRE...

The Fireman Who Loved Me
The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel #1
Jennifer Bernard
Releasing April 24th, 2012
384 Pages
Avon Publishers
Source: Edelweiss

What a Fun, sexy and exciting New series by Jennifer Bernard.  I had trouble putting this one down and I am excited to start reading the next book in the series. 

From the first meeting, I LOVED the heroine, Melissa McGuire and our Hero, Harry "Brody" Brod, um can we say "SMOKIN HOT" Captain Brody....yowza!!  Their chemistry was burning HOT from that first moment and I don't think that it cooled down a bit. 

There was so much going on, that you never got bored, but it wasn't too much where you became confused over characters, or story lines, you just sat back, put your seat belt on and went for a HEll of a Ride!!

Captain Brody is just the type of Hero I LOVE....Strong, funny, respected and HOT...but not the heartthrob of the Firehouse...Ill get to that later.  I completely adored him from the start, especially when those charcoal eyes were staring at Melissa with Lust and Desire...OMG...get me a fan!!  The things they did in that Silver Airstream....Warning....You might need a COLD shower after reading this one!!

I thought Melissa was funny, and smart and I LOVED the banter between her and Brody.  I loved how comfortable they became around each other, and I loved how he brought out the girl that stood up for herself.   "Hollywood" as the men at the firehouse called her, is everything I would have picked out for Brody, you will just have to read the book to find out what happens.

And my Nelly...Loved Nelly.  She just wanted the best for her Granddaughter, you can't blame an old lady for trying "ANYTHING" to get Melissa her man!!

All of the Secondary characters were so much fun to read, well...sometimes I wanted to punch Ella Joy in the face...but other than that...I loved them all, especially Ryan "Hoagie", who is the Firehouse Heartthrob and quite the ladies man, but has a wild streak that might get him in trouble one day.

I can't wait to find out who is next on the many to go around!! 

So my recommendations is.....READ THIS BOOK!!  PREORDER THIS BOOK and READ IT THE SECOND IT COMES TO YOUR HOUSE!!  You won't be sorry, and you will be talking about Captain Brody for the next week!!

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Sounds like a rave review!