Friday, August 10, 2012

No Handcuff's Needed

Teaching Officer Lonesome
Kaylie Newell
Releasing Aug 20th, 2012
61 Pages
Beachwalk Press
Source: Publisher

The first thing that comes to my mind after finishing this upcoming release is that the Title of the book is very deceiving.  I was thinking handcuffs, leather and maybe some naughty talk, but this novella was so much more than that. 

In Kaylie Newell's upcoming release we meet Jack Malone, a widowed officer who is deeply attracted to the young woman he pulls over, and she is not making it any easier to continue being the "good guy".  Hope Marlow can barely make ends meet with her job at walmart, but she wants more for her twelve year-old sister than she had.  The one thing she wants for herself is Officer Malone, but he makes it clear that nothing will ever happen between them.  He is not yet over his late wife, and he believes that their age difference is too much of a hurdle, even if the only thing she is offering is sex. 

Emotions get in the way and Hope finds herself falling for the one man who makes her feel safe, but can she help Jack get past his issues and finally give over his heart to her?

This novella was emotion packed and I found myself tearing up half way through.  Considering it is only sixty-one pages, that says a lot for Kaylie Newell's writing talent.  I truly enjoyed the build-up between Jack and Hope.  They didn't just fall into bed after five seconds.  We got a chance to see the reality of the situation through Jack's eyes, who was a widower unsure about being with another woman, and Hope's reality, feeling as if the only thing she had to offer this man was sex. 

So don't let the title of the novella deter you from reading this upcoming release.  If you are a lover of May/December romances, or just love reading an emotion packed romance, grab this one up!!

Enjoy and Happy Reading!!

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