Friday, August 3, 2012

Week of Christy Reece

No Chance
Last Chance Rescue #4
Christy Reece
Released Feb 23rd, 2010
381 Pages
Ballantine Books
Source: Reviewer Purchased

This has been such a difficult week for me, not the reading has been exciting, at the seat of my pants kind of suspense and steamy, sexy love scenes between kick-ass females and the men who love them.  NO, the difficult part has been deciding which on has been my favorite so far...too many men, so little of me..hummmmm....but for some reason, Gabe Maddox has had my eye on him since the first or second book when he showed up all broody and favorite kind of hero.

No Chance opens eight years in the past, where Gabe is recovering from being captured while building homes in a poor country.  At this resort he meets this beyond beautiful girl, who makes him feel happy for the first time in so many years.  They spend three blissful week together before they are torn apart, but not before they sealed their love by getting married.  Eight years later, Gabe comes face to face with the man who is responsible for tearing the young couple apart, Skylar James' Father.  Skylar has been kidnapped and he is looking to Last Chance Rescue to bring her back home safe and sound.  Gabe must put his feelings aside in order to get her home safe, but that doesn't mean he wants to keep his hands to himself...she is still him wife after all.

But that is not the end of it, when Skylar is rescued, not only do they have to face the after math of Skylar's father's lies and deceit, they have to work together to find the person responsible for the kidnapping of not only Kendell, Skylar's young friend, but seven other girls as well.  And the person responsible might just be someone closer to Skylar James than she suspects.

This one was fun, not just for the action, but we get a sneak peak at what we can expect in the next two books featuring Cole and McKenna (Ghost), who might I add is one kick-ass female operative, and someone I know will have me in tears with her book.  Victor Lymes is a SHIT...there is no other word to describe him.  I have read many suspense books with some sick villains, but I think I hate him the most, and he wasn't even really the villain of this book...he just stuck out on my sicko meter.

Its sad to think that there are actually people out in the world like William, who is the villain in No Chance.  He may not kill anyone or beat anyone, he wouldn't want to ruin his manicure, but he is just NASTY.  Hidden perverts are the worst, because they seem like great people on the outside, but on the inside they are black.  I guess I'll never understand the minds of sick people like that, but If you want to get inside their heads, Christy Reece has the amazing ability to create villains who have you wanting to jump onto the pages and give them what they deserve. 

No Chance is about finding what was lost, and no letting go so easily this time around.  I really enjoyed seeing Gabe softened up a bit, especially when he knew Skylar was hurting.  He was quite the debonair gentlemen when he need to be. 

I hope you all are enjoying this series as much as I am...Happy Reading!!

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