Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week of Christy Reece

Run to Me
Last Chance Rescue #3
Christy Reece
Published June 23rd, 2009
341 Pages
Ballantine Books
Source: Reviewer Purchased

Oh Ethan I love you!!  This one had me up until 2 a.m. last night and it was DEFINITELY worth it!!

In Run to Me, we finally get Ethan Bishop's story...and I have been waiting to find out more about this mysterious, sexy lion of a man..hee hee.  Ethan finds out that his Ex-lover and LCR operative, Shea Monroe, has turned and begun working for an LCR enemy.  He does not believe that his Shea would ever turn, so he goes on a rescue mission, this one being his toughest one yet.

Shea Monroe knows nothing of her life before being captured by Donald Rosemount...on a side note...I LOVE when all the LCR guys make fun of Donald...had me cracking Shea has lost all of her memories, but Ethan isn't sure if in his heart of hearts, he ever wants her to remember the past with him again.  She trusts him now, is starting to look at him like the old Shea used to...what will he do when she remembers and her eyes turn cold against him again? 

This one was a bit more romance than suspense, but I LOVED IT!!  I couldn't wait for each new memory to surface, cause we would find out another piece of the Shea/Ethan/Cole puzzle.  It was KILLING me not knowing what had happened between these two people who obviously loved each other SOOOO MUCH!! 

Christy did an AMAZING job with weaving the love triangle so we had NO IDEA what happened between them in the past.  Why Shea married Cole and not Ethan? Why Ethan continued to push Shea away?  There was sooooo many questions and I got my answers and then some!!  I loved the way Christy ended this story, the way she wrapped up all the information that we discovered, the way she made things seem one way, but really they were another way.  I wish I could tell you...but I don't want to ruin the need to read it yourself to find out the truth...and I will tell you...PAY ATTENTION while reading, you might just be able to pick up on certain hints...WHAT A GREAT STORY!!

Can't wait to start the next Trilogy, starting with No Chance, which is Gabe Maddox's story!  Can't wait to see what's going on with sexy, cynical Gabe!!

Hope you Enjoy this series and Happy Reading!!

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