Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week Of Christy Reece

Return to Me
Last Chance Rescue #2
Christy Reece
Published May 19th, 2009
330 Pages
Ballantine Books
Source: Reviewer Purchased

Return to Me is definitely tied with Rescue Me as my favorite of this trilogy, but Run to Me might be cutting in close.  This is going to be VERY difficult. 

Christy Reece has an imagination beyond anything I could have thought up, and Return to Me will blow your mind.  The way she twists and turns the story, bringing in characters that have you saying "OMG...why didn't I think of him?"  I just loved it!

In Return to Me, Noah McCall, head of Last Chance Rescue, calls on Samara Lyons, Jordan's ex-girlfriend, to help with an Online Predator operation.  She is petite, with an innocence about her that Noah thinks will lure in the man that is heading a human trafficking ring of teenage girls.  So what if every time he is around Samara he feels the urge to rip both of their clothes off and take her wherever he can get her.

Samara Lyons thinks Noah McCall is the most arrogant jerk she has ever met, so she can't understand her attraction to him, and why she can't stop thinking about the one AMAZING kiss they shared months ago, when he walked away from her causing her to be humiliated.  Samara wants to help LCR with this small mission, if only she can get a hold of her libido and give it a stern talking to. 

Let's just say the mission gets screwed up, Samara gets kidnapped and Noah plans to do whatever he has to do to save her, even if it means becoming the man he never thought he would be again, and facing the man he never thought he would have to see again, unless it was to end his life.

Oh my...this one is good....and the emotions are high...my favorite kind of romance.  I didn't think I would LOVE Noah as much as I do, but he really surprised me and the things you find out about him, the life that he has led, the things he has done for others...he amazed me.  And Ms. Samara isn't so bad herself...I thought she was sweet, kind and had the patience of a Saint...to deal with Noah and all his crap!

I loved the bits and pieces of interaction we got not just between Noah and Samara, cause those were steamy, but with Jordan and Eden, even getting to know a few of the other LCR operatives...This was a fun book to read and full of twists and turns that I didn't even see coming. 

I truly an loving this series and If you haven't gotten started yet, I suggest you do, cause you will be hooked, line and sunk within minutes.

I hope you enjoy this romance suspense and the rest of the series...Happy Reading!

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TrishJ said...

Yup, this is going to be a great week. I have read all books in this series, but after yesterday's blog, I pulled them from my books I love shelf and am reading them again. Just as good the 2nd (or 3rd) time.