Monday, August 13, 2012


Last Chance
Last Chance Rescue #6
Christy Reece
Published April 27th, 2010
357 Pages
Ballantine Books
Source: Purchased by Reviewer

I have FINALLY finished the complete LCR Series by Christy Reece and let me tell you...She sure saved the sexiest hero for last...ok not the sexiest, maybe the most charming?  Lucas Kane was everything I expected and much more!!

McKenna "Ghost" helped with English Millionaire's rescue months ago and he hasn't stopped looking for her since.  McKenna, a freelance operative for LCR has many secrets that are coming back to haunt her, and having Lucas Kane searching for might call unwanted attention in her direction. 

McKenna plans to only see him one more time, but once isn't enough, and Lucas Kane will do anything in his power to slay the dragons that are after McKenna.  But can his interference cause even more problems when it comes to the most important Op of McKenna's life? silly love, Lucas Kane, how could Christy hold you off for so long.  I guess she was saving the best for last.  I have already read the last three books of the series, so it was nice to FINALLY see where Jamie Kendrick came from and to read the whole love story between McKenna and Lucas...and boy...was it a sure favorite of mine.  You can't help but fall head over heels for Lucas Kane and his dreamy English accent...swoon!!

This is a need to read, especially if you have read the three "SWEET" books and were a bit in the dark about several things.  I plan to go back and re-read the last three books of the series now, but I think that Lucas Kane might just be my favorite hero of the complete series.  And I had been interested in finding out more about McKenna since she first showed up on the scene, and she doesn't disappoint.  McKenna and Lucas share amazing chemistry, and something that so many people strive to find, true love. 

Well Ms. Reece, amazing books, amazing series, and I hope that all of my Tasty Readers are planning on reading the complete series or re-reading the series, it was SOOOOOO worth all of the grueling hours of reading about sexy operatives and the women or men who love them...hee hee...tough work but someone has to do it!!

Enjoy and Happy Reading!!


Jaye Shields said...

I love LCR. Thanks for the great review!

TrishJ said...

You are so right. The best was last. This was the 3rd time I have read this series. But I think I enjoyed it more reading along with you. So nice to read a book you love and know someone else is loving it too. GREAT reviews. I will also say, if you haven't read these books .. please do so. ;-).