Monday, July 30, 2012

Week of Christy Reece

Rescue Me
Last Chance Rescue #1
Christy Reece
Released April 28th, 2009
362 Pages
Ballantine Books
Source: Reviewer Purchased

I have FINALLY gotten around to reading the first Six books in the Last Chance Rescue series by the VERY Talented, VERY amazing, Christy Reece.  So this week is Christy Reece week at A Tasty Read, and I will be reviewing the first six books of the series, and I will even put links to the last three books, The Sweet Trilogy, which have all been previously reviewed.  If you ARE a fan of Christy, then leave a comment, share with me your thoughts on the books, If you are not YET a fan of Christy Reece, then you certainly will be after this week.

Rescue Me is the first book in the Last Chance Rescue series, and includes a bit of set up for the next book of the series, but does not take away from the storyline, if enhances the story, and let me tell you, a bit more Noah McCall is alright in my book.

In Rescue Me, we meet Eden St. Claire (Devon Winters), who seven years ago barely survived the most horrible night of her life, both mentally and physically.  Rescued by Noah McCall, head of the Last Chance Rescue organization, she went through extensive surgery and training, and is now one of the top LCR agents, with skills that go beyond exceptional, especially with her sophisticated demeanor and ice-cold stare.

That is until Noah brings someone from her past into her future, setting her off balance for the first time in years.  Jordan Montgomery, a government agent and godson of Devon's step-father, was the man that Eden/Devon thought she was going to marry as a innocent child, but years later, he helped make the best night of her life into her worst nightmare, and has been searching for her ever since.  He feels as if he can't move on unless he has closure, but what he gets instead is a chance to work with LCR and Eden St. Claire, whom he feels an attraction to like he has never felt before. 

You see where this is going...hidden identity, old insecurities, new feelings, and a whole lot of steamy, steamy love makin.  I truly enjoyed this romance suspense, and I was so unsure of where the story was going and how Christy was going to pull off a HEA from all the crap she puts these characters through.  I love when I read a suspense and I can't guess what will happen next.  Even though I spent some time hating Jordan, and thinking someone should kick his ass (thank you Noah),  I did end up loving him at the end, as well as, Eden...she kicked ass, took names, but was still a human, with feelings and deep hurt that I will never be able to understand, but I applaud her from coming out of the ordeal she went through whole and kicking. 

Sometimes I wonder how suspense writers can actually write about these horrible things and horrible people who actually exist out there in the world.  Christy Reece is one of my favorite romance suspense writers and she has a way of sucking the reader into the world of the characters and making you want to jump onto the page and help these characters in gaining justice for the innocent and wronged.  If I was a romance suspense heroine, I'd wish to be a kick-ass, female, Last Chance Rescue agent and help demolish some of the vile, disgusting, evil people that live amongst the good in the world. 

So...I HIGHLY recommend this series, and this book and hope that you enjoy a week of Christy Reece and The Last Chance Rescue Team.

Enjoy and Happy Reading!!


TrishJ said...

Great review. I have read all her books and they are wonderful. Perfect blend of danger, romance and suspense. I highly recommend her books.

leann said...

I am a new fan for Ms. Christy. 812Looking forward to many great reads.