Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'd Ride with Tom Anywhere

Ride With Me
Ruthie Knox
Released Feb 13th, 2012
216 Pages
Source: NetGalley

What a Great Romance.  Who would have thought that bicycling could be so hot!

Alexandra "Lexie" Marshall arrives at the western seaside thinking that she was here to meet Tom Geiger, only the Tom Geiger that showed was nothing like what she had been picturing in her head, and Lexie, was definitely not what Tom pictured when he was looking for a guy named "Alex"...hee hee...his mistake!!

Lexie has been waiting to ride the TransAmerican Trail since she was a child, and she wasn't going to let Angry Tom stand in the way, even if she would rather ride with him than alone.  Tom makes a decision that he will go with Lexie on the trip, but only because he has some sort of chivalry complex where he feels the need to take care of people, or feel guilty if something were to happen to them.  So he rides with her, but only until he can find someone else to finish the ride as her partner.  With a few white lies, a few meddling family members and a few hidden secrets, Tom and Lexie take the ride of their lives.  Might be a bit bumpy at times, but it sure was a hell of a ride.

I have seen this book a lot on Goodreads and Amazon and never picked it up until now, what was I waiting for?  I enjoyed this book so much, not only for the different sides of Tom, but I was sucked into the story after the first few pages and I needed to know what would come of Tom and Lexie, and I hoped it would have the happiest of endings!

Tom Geiger has officially made it to my "favorite heroes" list.  Not only was he physically smokin hot, but he's moody and broody, funny and affectionate, and I wouldn't have minded having to share his tent, if you know what I mean!!  Lexie was pretty cool herself.  She didn't let Tom get away with his moods and she was a stubborn little thing.  I admired her and really enjoyed watching her personality and Tom's clash.  Love me some sexual tension!!

This is my first book by Ruthie Knox, but it will not be my last.  I will start her new release, About That Night, soon and I would highly recommend that all my Tasty Readers give this book and her new book a chance!!  You won't be disappointed.

Enjoy and Happy Reading!!

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