Friday, July 13, 2012

Wishing for Closure

Reason to Breathe
The Breathing Series #1
Rebecca Donovan
Published May 10th, 2011
374 Pages
Kindle Edition
Source: Borrowed

First I have to say, Evan Matthews *Swoon*.  Talk about a MEGA crush...he has claimed a spot on my Favorite YA Hero List...If you pick up this book ONLY because you want to know who I am talking is very much worth it.

Ok...onto my review.  Thank you to TWO of my favorite facebook peeps, Jaclyn and Becky for first recommending that I read this book, and to Jaclyn, thanks for the loan.  Reason to Breathe came highly recommended to me, so I figured I would give it a shot.  Coming from a childhood full of uncertainty myself, I can relate to Emma, our heroine, on a different level.  Not coming from an abusive home, I guess I couldn't understand some of her choices, but I could relate to the reality of denial and being ashamed to talk about things that go on behind the closed doors of a home. 

Yes, I wanted to smack Emma on the head a few times and make her talk about what was going on at home, but I had respect for her reasons and tried to understand along with Sara, Emma's best friend, and Evan, the guy who steals Emma's heart.  Again I say, just pick up this book for the fact that Evan Matthews is super crush-worthy and the love story alone will keep you up late into the night, as it did me.

I wont say that I hated the ending, because as a writer myself I believe in the authors creative vision and have much respect for where she wanted the series to go, but...WTF?  Seriously...hee hee.  You can't leave me like that!  I need my Happily Ever After, maybe it's the Pisces in my, or the hopeless romantic, but I need to know that Emma and Evan make it, or at least Emma makes it...huff...ok, I'm done ranting now.  The end will definitely have you by the seat of your pants and yes, you will need to get the next book in the series, Barely Breathing, as soon as you finish Reason to Breathe

I just have one more thing to add...George is a PUSSY.  Ok, I feel better.  Excuse my vulgar language, I needed to get that out.

I say, Give this book a chance.  Try not to read the reviews, just buy it and read it, then buy the next one.  I'd love to hear what you think about it when you finish.

Enjoy and Happy Reading!


Linda Kage said...

I love your review! I have an email subscription to your blog and I usually skim through all my emailed-blogs first thing in the morning. Well, "George is a pussy" really jumped out at me today so I had to read the whole review. I'm pretty sure I'll have to give this book a chance now! But I'm an HEA lover too, so I'll make sure I have the next book on hand before I start this one. Thanks for the early morning smile!!!

Jen Shields said...

Ahahaha. Linda Kage...hilarious. I'll make sure Lisa uses profane language when she reviews my book. Another great review, hot mama!

Marian M said...

If you liked this book you should definitely check out The Boy Who Sneaks Into My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley..and I do agree George is a big time pussy..the time i was HELP HER!!!

Marian M said...
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