Monday, June 4, 2012

Lucky Harbor is SMOKIN Hot!!

At Last
Lucky Harbor #5
Jill Shalvis
Releasing June 26th, 2012
400 Pages
Grand Central Publishing
Source: NetGalley

 I am CRAZY about the Chocoholics!! I thought Lucky In Love was my new favorite Jill Shalvis Romance, but At Last has definitely given Lucky a run for its money!!

Amy and Matt certainly had me smiling and their chemistry was OFF THE CHARTS!! I was so intrigued by Amy and Matt from Lucky in Love, I wanted to know what was behind all of that sexual tension. Thank God I finally found out...and boy was it worth the wait!!

Amy Michaels was a teenage runaway who made many mistakes but has grown-up, made a place for herself in Lucky Harbor, but is still missing something. Using her grandmothers journal, Amy tries to capture what she thinks she needs to feel fulfilled.

Matt Bowers would like a shot at fulfilling Amy's needs, but he is not looking for more than a few nights between the sheets. He holds onto his own past mistakes and he has no desire to make a second go at romance but something about Amy gets under his skin, and the protective nature he feels when he is around her isn't just about the sex.

These two have so many trust issues between them, so many past hurts, they are having trouble letting them go long enough to see if they have a chance to make it. I simply LOVED this book. I loved the build-up of the relationship forming between Matt and Amy, but with each of them fighting their feelings the whole way.

I adored the side storyline with Riley. It brought out a lot of Amy's past troubles and I think helped her to let go a bit of those mistakes by helping Riley. I don't want to give too much away, but when Matt and Amy find themselves alone in the dark woods for the second time, he says some things that made my heart absolutely melt and I think I fell in love with him a little bit right then.

This book is a Need To Read of 2012 along with Lucky in Love. Shalvis shows us once again why she is The Queen of Romance!!


Jaye Shields said...

Geesh, when the heck is my summer actually going to start so I can read all these books. I've been graduated for two weeks already and alas, still no books read yet!Jill Shalvis is still on my list

Blessed x3 said...

I just found out about Jill Shalvis & she is on my Must Read list. I am reading this series soon. Great review!

Sue P. said...

Do I have to pick one? Loved all the couples of the first three books, Maddie, Tara and Chloe were all so different! But one of my favorite Shalvis couplle is Lilah and Brady from Animal Magnetism. Can' wait to get started on this new trio!