Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Indecent Proposal from a Vampire

A Gift of the Darkest Magic
Ashlynn Monroe
Releasing July 16th, 2012
Beachwalk Press
Source: Publisher

Would you be willing to betray the person you love in order to save their life?

Clarissa's husband Matt is dying of cancer. They've tried everything that medicine has to offer, both traditional and experimental, and nothing's worked. Clarissa spends her days in the hospital, watching the man she loves slip closer and closer to certain death.

When her sister tells her she knows a way to save Matt, but it involves visiting a local club run by vampires, Clarissa is outraged that her sister would believe something so insane. But then she learns the truth.

Braden, the sexy and mysterious vampire who runs the club, does indeed have the means to save Matt, but he demands a high payment in return. He doesn't want money, her blood, or even her life…he wants something she never expected. Clarissa has a choice—spend twenty-four hours in Braden's bed or let her husband die.

But what she never foresaw was how much more the vampire would truly want after he'd given her the gift of the darkest magic.

Interesting storyline and it was definitely a quick read, I just felt no connection to the main characters, unless you count the Vampire, Braden. 

I truly felt bad for him, that he had lost the woman he loved and had to face a LONG life without her, and the only woman to make him feel human again is married to a man she loves and is hoping Braden's blood can heal him.

As for Clarissa and Matt, the storyline fell a bit flat for me after he was healed and she tells him the truth about her and Braden, and what she had to do in order to save Matt's life.  I don't know, maybe I am not into the infidelity aspect of the book.  To be honest,  I kind of wanted Matt to pass away and for her to stay with Braden forever, but that might just be my broken heart doing my thinking for me.

I think the infidelity "thing" killed the happily-ever-after a bit for me, but every reader will feel differently, and I would love to hear some of your thoughts when you are finished with this novella in July. 

I would recommend it to anyone who is into "vampire" hotties and some rough sex, but I warn you that you are going to be falling in love with the wrong guy as I did, just wished he got his own HEA!!


Pamela Tyner said...

Hi Lisa,
Yes, this book is certainly a non-traditional romance, and it’s a little darker than most people are used to. Sorry to hear it didn’t resonate with you :( But we value your feedback, and we thank you for taking the time to review it! Hopefully, you’ll like Ashlynn’s next Beachwalk Press book better. Thanks again!

Pamela Tyner
Publisher, Beachwalk Press

Sam Kasbrick said...

Sounds like a pretty sad book :(

SIK Book Reviews

ashlynn monroe said...

I really appreciate that you took the time to read the book. Thanks for the review. This one was a bit darker than most of my stories, but it's just the way the characters wanted to be created. Thanks again for trying me out! :)