Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tracers Are Back

Laura Griffin
Released March 27th, 2012
Kindle Edition
Released Sept 28th, 2010
Deadly Promises Anthology
Pocket Star
Source: Reviewer Purchased

A forensic anthropologist and a Navy SEAL find love and danger in this sexy novella, from Laura Griffin’s bestselling Tracers series!

For all my Tracer Fans out there, Laura Griffin has released UNSTOPPABLE as a stand alone novella for all you E-Book Lovers!!  I own the paperback version of Deadly Promises, which features UNSTOPPABLE as part of the Anthology. 

Whichever copy you choose, just choose ONE!!  This sexy novella introduces us to Kelsey Quinn and Gage Brewer, who are getting their full-length book with SCORCHED, coming this fall.

This is a very quick read, so I won't be giving anything away, but just know that if you found yourself caught where Kelsey finds herself caught, you would definitely want Gage as your HERO *swoon* Love me some Navy SEAL Boys!!

I am warning you that you will be left with a big "?"  and a loud "NOOOOO" ...I know people, I know, How do you think the rest of us feel.  We have been waiting FOREVER to see what FINALLY happens between these two...their chemistry practically jumps off the pages.  Just keep telling yourself...they are coming...we will FINALLY get more Kelsey and Gage...and I CAN'T WAIT to find out where their relationship has ended up.

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Jen Shields said...

Looks good, can't wait til I have more tme to read when school's out.