Monday, March 26, 2012

HELLO...Hockey Hotties

One Man Rush
Joanne Rock
Releasing April 1st, 2012
224 Pages
Source: Author Gifted

Matchmaking Case File #114

Requested Match: Kyle Murphy, pro hockey player. (This guy can score.)

Challenge: Not looking for anything serious (yet).

Notes: Ridiculously attractive, sexy, irresistible …and I want him for myself!

For fans of Rachel Gibson's Seattle Chinook's Hockey Series, you will LOVE One Man Rush by Joanne Rock.  Kyle and Marissa reminded me a lot of Luc and Jane, who are my favorite Hero and Heroine of the series.

Marissa Collins needs to get her matchmaking business off the ground, if she wants to keep the home that might help with her mother's rehabilitation after an accident that caused her serious brain damage.  She needs to make a match between Kyle Murphy, the best shot on the Philadelphia Phantoms, and rich, socialite, Stacy Goodwell.  Unfortunately for Marissa, the moment she meets Kyle Murphy the last thing she is thinking about is matching him with someone else.

Kyle Murphy has always had one rule, No Women In Playoff Season, but for some reason, Marissa Collins has his head in the clouds and not focused on the game he needs to be playing.  What can he do but make an exception with this woman that he can't stop thinking about.  He just has to convince her that being with him is the right thing for her also, even if it means having to give up the biggest MATCH of her career.

I love watching a big, strong Hockey Player brought to his knees, which is one of the best things about this quick, fun read, and the small, secondary romance between an unlikely pair.

The chemistry between Marissa and Kyle was undeniable and I think Joanne did an amazing job with showing the progression of their feelings for each other, without making if feel rushed. 

And for me to compare ANY book to my absolute FAVORITE, that is a high compliment in itself.  I know you will enjoy this read if you like a smoking, hot sports romance, and If you enjoy this book, you will have to put Her Man Advantage on you TBR List, which is Joanne's Upcoming release staring Axel, the sexy adopted brother of Kyle Murphy which you will meet and fall in love with in One Man Rush.

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Jen Shields said...

I'm not a big hockey fan, but this still looks cute!