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hot under pressure
Rising Star Chef #3
Louisa Edwards
Released March 27th, 2012
309 Pages
St. Martins Press
Source: Publisher

"This dish is all about opposites attracting, " Beck said.  "A Good pairing, to me, isn't about putting the obvious things together.  It's about finding two flavors that bring out the best in each other-maybe bring out elements in each other that don't exist when those flavors are on their own."

If you don't think your face will be a fountain of tears while reading this book, you are VERY WRONG!! 

Warning:  Tissues are required

I have been waiting to read more about Henry Beck since book one, when he was just known as "Beck".  I FINALLY got all I wanted and SO MUCH MORE!!

If you have been keeping up with the Rising Star series by Louisa Edwards, you already know from book two that Beck's team, the East Coast team from Lunden's Tavern, has been picked as one of the last three teams along with the West Coast team from Queenie Pie, which is owned by Skye Gladwell, who just happens to be Beck's Ex-Wife, or not so EX, since they are officially still married.  But not for long, if Skye has anything to say about it.  Unfortunately, Beck isn't giving up as easily as he did the first time, he has a proposition of his own, but will Skye give Beck another chance to break her heart?

One of the things I adore most about Louisa's books, especially the Rising Star Series is that we get so much of the reality of life for them.  She takes us into the kitchen and has a way of describing the cooking style, the food creation that makes you feel as if you have been transported right into the kitchen with Beck and Skye. 

"Can't fool me," Beck said, the words sounding bitten off and odd.  "You just want to get close to this hot bod."

     A wave of amusement briefly overwhelmed the concern rising in her chest.  "You caught me, " she said, proving he wasn't the only one who could do deadpan.  "Let's throw our clothes off and get down, oh baby, oh baby.  Because what could be sexier than pretending we've both been buried alive in a cozy two-person coffin with no view?"

This is just one example of the back and forth banter we get between Beck and Skye.  The emotion between these two is still so alive after all the years they had been apart.  The anger, the pain and everything else mixed in makes this book a crazy, emotional roller coaster of a relationship that you can't help but want them to find a way to be together again. I'm a sucker for a love story where the hero and heroine have a lot of baggage between them, and we get that with the final book of the Rising Star Series. 

Not only do we get our Skye/Beck romance, but we get more Kane and Claire, which I LOVED!!  I was thrilled that some of my questions about these two had been answered, and they will always be two of my favorite characters in this series.  And Win....he really stepped up when it came to being a friend to Beck and having his back.  You can't help but LOVE Win and his cheerful nature, but when it comes to being serious, he is right there, helping Beck share his life with everyone.....OH....I Love Win!! 

And yes ladies....we FINALLY find out about Henry Beck....and will just be more and more in love with him than you were in the last two books....Oh boy!!

So my recommendations is to READ THIS BOOK, especially if you have read the complete series, and if you haven't read the complete series, then you need to, especially Some Like It Hot, which is my FAVORITE of the series.

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