Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Evil Strikes Again

Hide From Evil
(Trilogy #2)
Jami Alden
Released Nov 1st, 2011
398 Pages
Grand Central Publishing
Source: Purchased by Reviewer

**If you did not read Beg For Mercy, review may have spoilers

I have been dyin' to FINALLY read Sean Flynn's story since I first finished Beg For Mercy, like forever ago. Sometimes waiting at the airport is worth it, when you can finally finish a great book with no interruptions. 

Hide From Evil starts a few months after Sean Flynn was released from prison.  He is trying to get on with his life, and all he wants is to be left alone.  Well....that doesn't go so well when Prosecutor, Krista Slater, comes to his cabin seeking his help.  She believes that the man who framed Sean, Nate Brewster, was not working alone. 

Poor Sean...he just wants to be left alone and here comes Krista "Fuckin" Slater, not only the woman who out him in jail, but the only woman to wake up his man-parts in over three years.  What a predicament poor Sean is in...hahaha.  Not that Krista is having any less of an issue....I mean...have you read what Sean Flynn looks like...bad-ass, broody and smoking hot, with a hard body. Um...yeah...Krista has it VERY hard!!  (no pun intended)

But if you plan on getting into trouble, I'd want a former Green Beret on my side too, even if keeping my hands off of him is an extremely difficult task.  When things become a little too "REAL", Sean agrees to help Krista, if only to stay alive, and maybe keep her alive in the process.

Hide From Evil was good, but not as good as Beg For Mercy.  I am thinking it has to do with storyline and plot.  Beg for Mercy was just "Blow you Away" Amazing.  I couldn't stop talking about it for days, and I still recommend it as a TOP Romance Suspense pick.  Hide From Evil was a highly anticipated read, and not that it fell short, oh no, it was GREAT on its own, but if you compare the two, Beg for Mercy wins every time.  So don't compare the two!

I did adore Sean Flynn and I was overly-excited that he was the Hero in Hide from Evil.  The cool part about the book was that we get to know Krista along with Sean.  I will admit that I wasn't too keen on her from Beg for Mercy, but she definitely redeems herself as the heroine, and I actually like her A LOT....I mean, not just any woman was going to be allowed to get her hands on My Sean.  Yes...I have a total crush on a fictional character and I am ok with that...I will just add Sean to "My Favorite Hero" list...I think he made his mark on my heart, as well as Krista's...These two are freakin adorable together, and they have some kick-ass Chemistry!! 

So my recommendation for Hide From Evil, is to (1) First read Beg for Mercy, (2) Than read Hide From Evil, and (3) Get your butt to the store or online to purchase Run from Fear, which just released last week.  (oh boy...Jack Brooks...Did I ever tell you guys I have a thing for Heroes named Jack?)

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