Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chatting With Addison Fox and Great Giveaway

Hi Tasty Readers....I have missed you so!!  It's nice to be back at home, lounging on my chaise with my laptop in front of me, catching up with my blog.  And Such a GREAT person to start my week back, I have the awesome Addison Fox hanging out today and she is giving away TWO COPIES of Baby It's Cold Outside, her New Contemporary Release.  Keep reading past the interview to find out what you need to do in order to enter the giveaway and to read the GREAT review of Baby It's Cold Outside!! 

A Tasty Read: Addison....So excited to have you chatting with me today.

Addison Fox: I am so excited to spend time visiting A Tasty Read.  My thanks to you for having me!

A Tasty Read: Baby It's Cold Outside is your first Contemporary Single Title. Had the idea been brewing for a while, or did it just hit you while in the shower (it happens), and you knew you had to write this book?

Addison:  The idea for Baby It’s Cold Outside came from an article I read several years ago. It was just a small blurb, talking about the Wild Woman Wilderness Competition held each year in Talkeetna, Alaska. I was intrigued immediately and thought it was a fun idea and I immediately saw a story in my mind.

I’d originally imagined it as a trilogy wrapped around the contest, but it was my editor’s total brilliance to broaden the story a bit to revolve around the town overall.  So the competition is part of the first book and then the remaining stories are set in my fictional town of Indigo, Alaska.

A Tasty Read: Baby It's Cold Outside was a RT Book Reviews 2011 Contemporary Romance Nominee and Voted a Top Pick.  That's huge. How did you feel when you found out?  Did you think the book would be as popular as it has become?

Addison:  I am totally humbled by the response the book has gotten.  I absolutely loved writing this book and I love these characters, but honestly, I feel that way about all my heroes and heroines! J 

That said, these characters are special to me and it’s been incredibly rewarding to know they are resonating with readers.

A Tasty Read: I completely LOVED Walker and Sloan's story.  What are your plans for the Alaskan Nights Series?  (I am dying to read about Avery and Roman.)

Addison:  The second book in the series is COME FLY WITH ME, which is Mick and Grier’s story and it comes out in November 2012.  I just saw the cover a little over a week ago and I can’t wait to share that one!

I’m working on Avery and Roman’s story now. The title is still up in the air but it’s a mid-2013 release.  I am having a ton of fun working on their story – they’ve got a lot of history but relatively little contact with each other for the last 13 years….it’s time they get to really know each other as the grown ups they’ve become!

A Tasty Read: *Happy Dance* Can't wait to read the next story! 

Addison, your Zodiac Series is going into its Fifth book. For those of us that have not read the series, can you tell us a bit about them?

Addison:  The Sons of the Zodiac is my paranormal romance series. Each warrior is a different sign of the Zodiac and imbued with traits and gifts tied to their sign. There are actually two stories coming out in the next few months. WAVE OF MEMORIES comes out in April (book 4) and is a Penguin e-Special focusing on my Aquarius hero, Aidan.

WARRIOR ENCHANTED (book 5) arrives in early May and is the story of Drake, my Pisces Warrior and Emerson, the sexy witch who lives next door.  Readers got a glimpse of them in WARRIOR AVENGED, the second book in the series, but a lot has transpired since the two met and sparks started to fly. Although we’ve seen them before, I have really worked hard to ensure each book stands alone.

As a bit of background, the broad premise of the series is that the immortal Greek goddess of justice – Themis – created a band of warriors to help protect humanity. Each warrior has his own talents and skills and they work to save humanity while fighting off some of the more nefarious members of the Pantheon of gods.

A Tasty Read: Ohhhh....Pisces Hero??  Sounds right up my alley.  I think I'm going to have to get started on them. 

Did you find that writing Contemporary was easier or harder, after writing paranormal?

Addison: Honestly, I can’t say one is easier or harder. While the dressing that sits around each is different, at the end of the day the core story I’m telling – a romance between two people – is the true story.

I am an avid reader and have always loved romance across all genres. For me and my process, the setting becomes a natural expression of the couple I’m focused on.

A Tasty Read: Is there any other Genre of writing that you plan to explore?  And what comes next for Addison Fox?

Addison: Right now I’m focused on these two series, but I’m always filing away idea that come to mind.  I am looking forward to finishing up Roman and Avery’s story – I am really having fun with these two!

A Tasty Read: Addison THANK YOU so much for stopping by today!!  I am so excited for the next books in the Alaskan Nights Series!!  And Thank you for the VERY EXCITING GIVEAWAY from Addison.  She will be giving away TWO COPIES of Baby It's Cold Outside to TWO LUCKY WINNERS!!

GIVEAWAY: One of the best scene's in BICO is the Snowball Fight, so to enter, please share your FAVORITE "Snow Story". (Giveaway is for U.S. only, Winner will be announced Friday, March 9th)

About The Author

Addison Fox can’t remember a time when words weren’t part of her life. An avid reader, her love of the written word started at the tender age of one with The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear (a poem she could recite by heart to any family member who would listen.) Dr. Seuss, C.S. Lewis, Judy Blume and a host of others quickly followed until she discovered THE CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR by Jean M. Auel while writing a paper at the library in the seventh grade. Although not a classic romance, Ayla and Jondalar’s love story moved her firmly into the romance section and she hasn’t looked back!

Her paranormal romance series, The Sons of the Zodiac, launched with NAL in March of 2010. The series recounts the adventures (and path to true love!) for an immortal band of warriors, granted the powers of their astrological signs and charged with protecting humanity.

Beginning in November 2011, Addison will have a new contemporary series on shelves as well. BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE is the first in the Alaskan Nights series. Set in the fictional town of Indigo, Alaska, a couple of city girls are about to learn that the wide open spaces of Alaska just may hold everything they’re looking for.

Addison lives in New York. She loves to get email from readers.

Baby It's Cold Outside
Alaskan Nights #1
Addison Fox
Released Nov 1st, 2011
352 Pages
Signet Publishers

I am sad to say that this was my first book by Addison Fox and I know it won't be my last!

This was the first romance that I have read that takes place in Alaska.  I think that was what first intrigued me about this book.  All that cold weather and body heat to warm each other up, yep....had to be romantic and steamy...and Ms. Fox does not disappoint.

Sloan McKinley heads to Alaska to help her best friend, Grier, who has been in Alaska for a while trying to deal with her late father's estate.  But a half-sister, she never knew about, does not want her to get anything, and the whole town is on her side.  Except for Walker Montgomery....*swoon*.....Walker.  Just saying his name makes me lightheaded.  Walker, one of the towns eligible bachelors,  is Grier's lawyer and once he sets his eyes on Sloan, well let's just say that she won't be cold for very long!

I adored Sloan.  Maybe it's because I am from the Tri-State Area myself, or maybe because she reminds me of a lot of my friends, who have just past the age of acceptable singledome.  She is smart, funny and says what's on her mind, and sometime those traits get her in trouble...hee hee...Walker Mongomery doesn't stand a chance, but neither does Sloan's heart when it comes to Walker, who likes his flings with NO STRINGS.

And fuck it all, Sloan McKinley had strings written all over her.
Commitment strings.
Good Girl strings.
Best friend strings.
And about a million others he couldn't --and shouldn't ignore.
One of the things I liked best about Baby It's Cold Outside is the small taste we get of the next two books in the series, Grier and Mick and Avery and Roman.  I AM SO EXCITED!!  Not only was the first book of the series GREAT, but the next two are on my Highly Anticipated for 2012 reading list, especially Avery and Roman's book....I love a book about past loves, they are always so packed with emotion and broken hearts.  I can't wait!

So, my recommendation is to READ THIS BOOK.  You meet so many fun and interesting characters in the fictional town, and the Bachelor Competition, which the story is centered by, will have you cracking-up at certain parts.  When it comes to single men and lonely woman in the Alaskan Wilderness, you can't help but get some laughs.

Hope you all enjoy it, and don't forget to enter the Giveaway Hosted by Addison, where you can win a copy of Baby It's Cold Outside. 


TrishJ said...

I would love to win a copy. It's been on my wish list (wishing for funds). My favorite snow story .. we were stationed in New Jersey (hubby is from FL). Had a huge snow storm. Drifts were up to my waist!! After the snow plows came thru it was like driving in a snow tunnel. Hubby had to dig paths in the yard for the dogs to go out. I even talked hubby into sledding down a hill. It was amazing .. he hated it.

Addison said...


So glad you stopped by! And snow up to the waist is definitely something you don't forget!

That big storm that hit the north east a few years go...I had to do the same thing for my dog - he was too small to get through on his own!


Jen C said...

Well, I haven't been around all that much snow, but one of my most memorable "snowments" (ha-ha) was when my husband and I decided to go camping. In the Rockies. In May. In a tent.

First we had to clear snow to make a space for the tent, then with frozen fingers we had to set it up. That night, we learned that my sleeping bag was rated for freezing temperatures. His was not. I'd like to say we spent a romantic night snuggled in one sleeping bag, but alas no. There was no room and I huddled in mine as he stayed up trying to warm himself with the Coleman lantern.

Needless to say, we left the next day.

Your story and series sounds great! I've read two other series about Alaska that I really enjoy and I can't wait to read yours. (I hope a win will get me started!)

luv2readrom (at) yahoo (dot) com

Amanda G said...

I would love to win a copy of this book! It looks awesome! Loved the interview :)
My favorite snow story... My daughter "Summer" was 2 years old and we had a huge snow storm. We lived in a townhouse and had almost 2 feet of snow. Needless to say, we were stuck with no way out. After playing in the snow for awhile and watching snow plows, we decided to venture out and walk to burger king and get some lunch. We were the only ones there! We then went to the store and got some hot cocoa and cookies, then walked home. My daughter is now 8 and still remembers that huge snow storm that we got to walk to burger king. I guess it really is the little things in life that make the big differences.

A Tasty Read said...

The only time snow was FUN, was when I was a kid and it was a SNOW DAY, not when I had to walk home in knee deep snow in my uniform skirt and knee socks, not when I got older and HAD to drive into work even when everyone else was sleeping in, but those days when you called up the neighborhood kids, bundled up in tweleve layers and ran around throwing snow balls and making snow angels. Those were the best memories!!

Corinne said...

Fav snow story....live on the Atlantic coast in Canada...we don't have snow now like we used to back in the 70's..snow days from school, sledding and of course snowmobiling are all winter favs..story: March break(Atlantic Canada's "Spring" break),33yrs ago, went snowmobiling with a couple of cousins and my grandmother, who was in her late 50's at the time. She decided she had to do #1 no outdoor coverage snowsuit and all. She go about 5' away from the snowmobile and went up to her waist in snow. My cousin had to roll his way to her and pull her out!! lol She passed away the year after...awwww, memories!!

This was a great interview & review.This book looks really good and I LOVE Alaska!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter...good luck to everyone!!

abbeycat34 at yahoo dot com

Karen L said...

My favorite snow story happen just this year! Our son, daughter-in-law, and 2 year old granddaughter moved home to Ohio from Arizona in June. Lily had never seen snow before. The morning of the first snowfall, I got to be the one to take her outside on our front porch to actually touch the snow. She was so excited, touching, throwing,and feeling the clumped flakes. She finally left the porch and went down the steps to the sidewalk. It wasn't that cold that morning, so I hadn't even put mittens on her. As she made the final scoop, she started shaking her hands and yelled, "Freezin" right into the camera! What a great moment to capture on video!

I would love to win and have a new author to add to my growing collection of favorites! Thanks.

Karen Lawson

krg said...

Great review, now I am very excited to read this book/series!

I grew up with lots of snow in the winters and love to ski, skate, & hike in the snow. My favorite memories are from teaching my daughter to ski and to ice skate. It is so much fun watching her get excited when she gets the feel of how to maneuver and to stay upright and have fun herself!

jen shields said...

I don't live far rom Yosemite National park, so last Spring, my love and I headed up there. What we didn't realize, was that it was going to be perfect conditions. Snow on th ground, but melting away thanks to a bright blue sky. The waterfalls were gigantic! We hiked through the snow to the bottom and got completely doaked by the mist. I've never shared such a romantic kiss. Leave it to Yosemite ;)

jen shields said...

p.s. Addison, I'm salivating over your Warrior Avenged book cover. I think I might wallpaper my closet with it :)

Addison said...

I am SO sorry I'm checking in a day late. I'm in the process of moving and the promised wi-fi in my home wasn't hooked up!!!!


Addison said...

Jen C-

That is quite a story! There's nothing like a story you can keep telling through the years.....of course, LIVING through it is another story altogether!! :-)


Addison said...

Amanda G

It is those memories that live on. I have a memory of being small and it was a winter where we had a horrible snow storm - too much for small kids to really be out in, even though my sister and I were dying to go.

My dad brought several bucket-fulls of snow in and set us up in the kitchen sink, each of us on a side.

We had mittens and formed a mini-snoman in the sink...and I can remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was more than 30 years ago!

Your daughter will have that wonderful memory of your snow day together her entire life!


Addison said...


That is a priceless story about your grandmother!!! I'm so sorry that she's passed, but what a wonderful memory of her (and one of many, I'm sure!!)


Addison said...


That is an awesome story!

Really - what is it about snow that just makes everyone happy? (especially when it's freshly fallen!!)

So glad your family's back closer to you, too!


Addison said...

Thanks, KRG!

It sounds like you've got some wonderful memories with your daughter. And there is something magical in that moment when someone "gets" skiing!


Addison said...


That is SUCH a romantic story!!!! Ahhh...what an awesome story.

And thanks for the Warrior Avenged love....I absolutely LOVE that cover - the art department at NAL is really incredible. And his abs....oh my!!!


krisgils33 said...

I would love to read this!! I've had my eye on it for awhile now, but a high TBR and low dollar levels have kept me from purchasing it so far. :-)

krisgils33 at yahoo dot com