Friday, March 2, 2012

Bella Riley Interview and Giveaway

You, my friends, are in for a TREAT today!! 

Author, Bella Riley, is hanging out today, chatting about her NEW series, Emerald Lake.  The second book in the series, With This Kiss,  just released this week, and I LOVED IT!! 

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Bella is also Hosting a GIVEAWAY of TWO copies of Home Sweet Home, and TWO copies of With This Kiss, that's FOUR chances to win!!  Make sure you are entered!!

And NOW the amazing, Bella Riley...

A Tasty Read: Bella, thanks so much for hanging out with us today

Bella Riley: Thank you for having me!

A Tasty Read: Busy, Busy Bella.....Is that what they call you? No...Really...Do you sleep?

Bella: My husband and friends will definitely agree with that nickname! They're always teasing me about how I'm constantly working on a book. Even when I'm not at my computer, I can't help but think about my heroes and heroines. :)

You're right, I don't sleep quite as much as I used to! Honestly, I love what I'm doing so much that a few lost hours of sleep a night are a worthy trade for the pleasure of getting to write love stories.

A Tasty Read: It's obviously working for you because, I am LOVING the Emerald Lakes Novels. How did they come about? When did you know you wanted to go in a different direction from your usual stuff?

Bella: Thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying the stories so much. My husband’s family has a centuries old cabin in the Adirondack mountains where my family and I vacation every summer. I love the history and closeness of the community and have wanted to set a series there for several years. It's a thrill to see them finally released.

A Tasty Read: Can you tell us a bit about With This Kiss, the second book in the Emerald Lakes Series, which just so happened to Hit the Shelves yesterday?

Bella: In WITH THIS KISS deeply hidden secrets threaten to keep Rebecca and Sean apart despite the fireworks that neither of them can deny. This book is the story of not only their journey to love – but Sean's parents, his brother and his grandmother all finally dealing with the secrets that they've been carrying in their hearts for far too long.

 A Tasty Read: I loved Celeste!  Have you planned the next book in the Emerald Lakes Series, and If so, can you tell us about it?

Bella: I do have some ideas for another Emerald Lake book, but they're still in the nebulous stages, I'm afraid! 

A Tasty Read: That's long as you are planning to write more.  Is there any Genre that you would like to tackle that you have not yet written?? 
Bella: I’m very happy with love stories, thank you. :)

A Tasty Read:  And we are VERY happy you write Love Stories!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for hanging out with us today, and for the awesome Giveaway!!


 I want to know if you've read Bella Riley yet??  And If so, which book in the series??  If not, which book would you be interested in reading?

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME AND A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS, or we won't be able to find you!!

Giveaway will run until Sunday evening, winners announced Monday! Goodluck!

Read Review for Home Sweet Home

About the Author

Bella Riley has always been a writer. Songs came first, and then non-fiction books, but as soon as she started her first romance novel, she knew she'd found her perfect career.

Since selling her first book in 2003 (under the name Bella Andre), she's written more than twenty "empowered stories enveloped in heady romance" (Publisher's Weekly). Her bestselling books have been Cosmopolitan Red Hot Reads twice and have been translated into German, Thai, Japanese and Ukrainian.

If not behind her computer, you can find her reading, hiking, knitting, or lunching with her favorite romance writing friends. Bella lives with her fabulous husband and children in both Northern California and a ninety-year-old lakefront log cabin in New York's Adirondacks.


Rach said...

What a great interview!! Thank you to Bella for stopping by. :-). I recently download Home Sweet Home & With This Kiss and am hoping to start reading them. Anything written by Bella is guaranteed to be fabulous!!!!

Natalija said...

Great interview, Lisa! Haven't read any of her books yet, but I plan on doing so. Hopefully some day she'll be published in Italian as well.

jen shields said...

Riley has such beautiful covers, they really evoke a sense of comfort and nostalgia. How long has Ms. Riley been published? "Home Sweet Home" reminds me of Sweet Home Alabama with a twist. And I loved Sweet Home Alabama, so I'll definitely check it out.

jen shields said...

I just read the about the author. Tee-hee, guess I missed that. I was too excited to comment!

"Her bestselling books have been Cosmopolitan Red Hot Reads"

That's super impressive, I can't believe I've been missing out on her for so long. Thanks for enlightening me to another good read, Lisa!

Leni said...

I'd start with book one Home Sweet Home and then go to book two. No matter how many genres I read contemporary romances have a special place because they were my introduction to romances.

Di said...

I haven't read Bella's books yet and I want to start at the beginning of the series with Home Sweet Home.

sallans d at yahoo dot com

Quilt Lady said...

I have not read Bella Riley's books before but they sound really good, will have to check them out.

TrishJ said...

Great interview. I have heard so much about the first book in this series, and just downloaded the first one. I would love to win a copy of the 2nd in the series. Thanks for the giveaway.

Gator_Trish at msn dot com

Amanda said...

Anxious to start and read the entire set of books! They sound great. Guess I should start at the beginning with Home Sweet Home! What a great interview, I love hearing about the author before reading the books, makes it more personal.
Mertime at q dot com