Friday, October 7, 2011

Can you ever come HOME again?

Home Sweet Home
An Emerald Lake Novel
Bella Riley
Released Oct 1st, 2011
386 Pages
Forever Publishing

Home Sweet Home is a sweet, heartwarming story about lost love and coming home again.

Andi is returning to her hometown after ten years away to convince the town council to allow her client to build condos on a prime water front property. The town will be a tough sell but it isn't the town she is worried about, it is the new Mayor, Nate Duncan. Nate and Andi were high school sweethearts and while she was away at College Nate wen't thru some very tramatic events and when she decided that she couldn't drop out of school to come home to be with him, things blew up and she hasn't seen him since. You can only imagine the words that are slung between these two ex lovers, with still so much hostility and yearning between them.

I actually felt sorry for Andi. She seemed so ALONE in her life, away from her mother and grandmother, still greaving her father's death, about to loose her job which is all she really has. And Nate....what a phenominal person to raise his baby sister after all the tragedy...I love admirable heroes....even when sometimes they can be too stubborn for their own good!

The book was an enjoyable read. I love books that have some focus on the community, especially nosy knitting groups who always get all the good gossip. I have to say I really liked Evelyn, Andi's grandmother. She reminded me of my own grandmother, and the fact that our grandparents have a past that we can learn from...and great stories to share.

This new series by Bella Riley is going to be a good one....I am already looking forward to the next book, Rebecca's story.  I am very curious to find out what happened with Rebecca and Stu and to see how life is going for Nate and Andi.

Happy Reading!!

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