Monday, October 24, 2011

Sometimes REVENGE can be SWEET

Sweet Revenge
Last Chance Rescue #8
Christy Reece
Released Oct 4th, 2011
386 Pages
Ballantine Books

Firstly, I have to say that I have found a NEW, AMAZING Author in Christy Reece.  And Secondly, I have to say that I might just like Sweet Revenge better than Sweet Justice....or MAYBE EVEN!!

I loved the timeline of Sweet Revenge...The whole story doesn't take place over three days but months.  Cristy sucks you in at the first page and then brings you along on a Very Suspenseful, Very Emotional journey with Jamie and Dylan. 

I LOVED Jamie as the heroine.  She was sweet and somewhat...reserved..might be the word, and she has had SO many bad things happen to her, but she never lets them bring her down.  She has a VERY strong mind and she pushes through the pain because if she lets it take her, she will lose herself, and that is NOT ok with her.

Dylan...AHH...the Strong, Silent type.  I loved early on when he would use a grunt or a one word answer, for like weeks at a time.  I would have been screaming by day one!!  He is the best kind of HERO you could want to write about.  Hurt by the past, strong protector and VERY SEXY!!  I really like Dylan and his integrity.  He may have hurt Jamie at times, but he was always thinking about her safety, first and foremost, even if she wanted to kick some bad-guy ASS!!  And this Villain needed more than just an Ass Kicking....I believe he got what he deserved...and his sick, perverted SON!!  haha!!  I loved the part where all Lance could see was "gleaming teeth"!!  GO LCR....KICKIN SOME ASS!!

So Christy, I am looking forward to what you have next for us with Sweet Reward, and I hope you continue to write books so that your fans can keep devouring them!!  Always love the HEA!!

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