Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hello All,

A friend asked me today if I was going to write about my experience this weekend at the NJRW "Put Your Heart In A Book" Conference.  I hadn't even thought about it, but then I figured...WHY NOT?

The NJRW put on such an AMAZING conference.  This happened to be my first conference with not just NJRW but the whole RWA Organization.  The ladies, including Co-Conference Chairs, Marlo Berliner and Ruth Seitelman, were such sweet, intelligent women and made the NEWBIES, like me, feel so welcome.  Shirley Hailstock, the NJRW President, is such a classy, friendly, warm person, who I had the honor to meet.  And EVERYONE....and I mean EVERYONE that I met or was introduced to, were some of the sweetest, talented people that I have ever met.  Everyone is there for the same reason.....Because we love to use our creativity to write Romance, whether it be Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense or Erotica.

As for the line up of Talented Authors that gave workshops and inspiration talks...I was blown away by their easy going personalities, and their KINDNESS towards the people who strive to be in their shoes one day.  From Kristan Higgins (Squee...Fangirl), Rachel Gibson (ahhhhhhh....Rachel) to Laura Griffin and Brenda Novak.  Some of the most Talented, Funny and down right..COOL people I have ever met!! 

I learned so much at the conference.  From making my book into a page turner to using your imagination to create a story behind anything, even Antique Silver Napkin Rings!!  (BTW...Victoria Alexander is one of the funniest people...EVER)

And I have to throw a shout out to Kerry and Victoria for being two of the coolest, most talented people that I met at the conference.  I wish you both all the best with your writing careers and I hope that very soon we will all be celebrating the publishing of our First Books!!  Good luck with those Partials, and let me know if you have any takers....Ill be saying a prayer for you both!! 

And to a lovely woman name Joyce that I met on my travels from one workshop to another, who got asked for a FULL....I am so excited for you and I wish you all the success!!  They would be lucky to publish a wonderful person like you!! 

And another special HELLO...to all the beautiful, talented, amazing women I met this weekend....I would be honored to read any of your work...KIT and I wish all the best for your careers!!

So.....I would have to say that the NJRW Conference was a huge hit and I was able to take home a huge amount of confidence.  Just knowing that there are so many others in the same boat and under the same stress...Makes you feel not so alone.

Thank you so much to all the NJRW members for hosting such a GREAT weekend!!  I will certainly be back!!

XOXO, Lisa

If you live in or around NJ and are looking for an amazing group to join...check out the NJRW

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