Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Slow Ride
Fast Track #5
Erin McCarthy
Released Oct 5th, 2011
304 Pages

Was this book written by someone other than Erin McCarthy??  The first chapter or two was cute and was setting up to be a really great story.  And then it juts went least for me.

The dialogue between Diesel and Tuesday was just wasn't was just weird.  And the dialogue between Diesel and everyone else was weird...He had NO voice, or he said things that I didn't think a guy like him would say...and his guy friends sounded like girls!!

For someone who LOVED the whole series so far, I was SOOOOOO disappointed with Slow Ride.  There was no REAL conflict....she drank too much (which made me like her less...she seemed like a real bitch) and he was just blah.  And for me to have NO CONNECTION to either of the characters is huge...I love romance and can normally find the best in all books...but this one...I skimmed through the last 35% of the Kindle Book. 

The best part of the book was seeing Ryder and Suzanne interact with their baby.  They seemed really happy.  And all the Evan/Kendall crap with Sara and the maybe, baby...was so unnecessary. 
All in all...this book was a mumble/jumble of BLAH!!

I want Erin McCarthy back.....I hope she comes back before the release of Eve's book!!

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