Thursday, August 11, 2011


Judith McNaught
Released June 1, 1992
720 Pages
Pocket Publishers

If you have never read Paradise by Judith McNaught, then you are missing out on one of the most emotional, heartbreaking, breakout the box of tissues, romances ever written.  Paradise pulls you into a unyielding romance that spans eleven years.  We meet Meredith Bancroft, daughter of the owner of Bancroft Department Stores, who has a great job within the company, a smart, handsome fiance and her heart finally in a good place when in walks Matthew Farrell, the one man that Meredith thought she would never have to set eyes on again. 

I am not going to give ANYTHING away...this is one of those books that you will dive right into and won't be coming up for air until you are done.  Judith takes you on a journey of love, crushing heartbreak, loss, anger, pain and finally forgiveness.  You won't be sorry you read it, you will only be sorry when you reach the last page. 

If you really enjoyed Paradise then you will have to check out another great read from Judith McNaught, Perfect.

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