Friday, August 12, 2011


Deadly Obsession
Katie Reus
Released Aug 15, 2011
Carina Press (ebook only)

Lilly Carmichael is forced home after the death of the aunt that had raised her. But was her aunts death an accident or was it part of a string of murders happening in her small hometown? Sheriff Braden Donnelly is not only dealing with the recent murders in his quiet little town but now Lilly has come back. Braden hasn't seen Lilly since the day she walked away from him ten years ago, but with the string of murders where everyone is tied to Braden somehow, he can't let Lilly out of his sight for she might be next. Will these two be able to keep their hands off each other while trying to find a serial killer before he strikes again?

Deadly Obsession was an exciting read with nicely drawn out characters. Unfortunately it was a bit lacking in the trill factor. I liked the story, I really did. The author gave us a great storyline with characters that had a past which drew us into the suspense. But it wasn't a page turner where I needed to know what happened next and couldn't put it down. Worth the read but won't be making it onto my keeper shelf.

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