Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fate Works Its Magic

Lucky Girl
Cate Lord
Released Sept 6, 2011
Entangled Publishing

Lucky Girl, the upcoming release from Cate Lord was delightful treat. The story was light, funny and sweet, with a little bit of heat mixed in. It asks the question, "Do you believe in Fate?" The two main characters, Nick and Jess, have a chance meeting two years ago while she was in London for her favorite Grandfathers funeral. While attending her cousins wedding two years later, the two are thrown together again, and we follow them on a roller coaster ride of a time. What will happen between these two, and could it have been fate that had them meet again? You will just have to pick up a copy and check it out!

The beginning was a little slow to pick up and sometimes it got to be overly descriptive, but for a fun, lighthearted romance with some comedy thrown in, I say it was a great read!  And we get Nick, a hotty PR exec with an English Accent....yummy!!

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