Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh Mr. Darcy......

Epic Fail
Claire LaZebnik
Released August 2, 2011
288 Pages
Harper Teen

Who doesn't love a good remake of Pride and Prejudice...I do.  Following in the footsteps of Elizabeth Eulberg's Prom and Prejudice comes a cute, fun story about Elise Benton, a  High School junior at a new ritzy school in California, where the kids all have celebrity parents, her mother is the new principle and she can't help but notice the brooding hottie from the cafeteria.

That's not even the last of it, her older sister is falling for Chase, the best friend of cafeteria guy, Derek Edwards, who happens to have movie star parents, her younger sister Layla is making all the wrong decisions while trying to fit in with the popular crowd, and Elise befriends Webster, who is shunned by most of the school, but the reason why is very unclear, but it has something to do with Derek and Elise doesn't know whose side she should be on. 

You will have to read the book to find out what happens in this debut YA by Claire LaZebnik.  I really enjoyed the love story of Elise and Derek, the progression of their relationship was real and I loved all the tension between them,  but some of the book seemed a little out of place.  I found the girls parents to be overly annoying and certain scenes could have been written differently, but all in all I thought it was a very cute story, and a great debut!

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