Tuesday, August 2, 2011


If you have never read Kristan Higgins...then you are either living under a rock or haven't spent time skimming the Romance Shelves at Barnes and Noble.  Kristan is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling Author and a two time winner of the Romance Writer of America RITA award.  

 I discovered Kristan Higgins a few years ago when I came across Just One of the Guys while searching for a new read on Amazon.  From that moment on I WAS HOOKED!  Her novels are laugh out loud funny, and sometimes so outright emotional that you will need a box of tissues just to get to the end. 

Her characters jump off the pages making you feel as if you are there in the story. She writes towns that you want to live in and families that you wish you were a part of, even if some of them remind you of your own crazy family.  The emotional depth is captured in every page, the pain, the love, the anger and the regret.  There is not one book that I can say I have not enjoyed, and some I have read and re-read too many times. 

Her first release, Fools Rush In (11/06),  follows Millie, caught between Joe, the guy she has been crushing on FOREVER, and a sexy town cop, who also happens to be the ex-husband of her sister...Oh Boy!

Catch of the Day (10/07), which won the prestigious Romance Writers of America RITA Award in 2008, followed Maggie, who had a small, ok maybe a little bigger than small crush on the town Priest...I know...but somehow got caught up with Malone, a mysterious townie with enough problems of his own.

Just One of the Guys (08/08) has everything you could ever want in a Romance Novel:
1. Funny, kick butt and takes names heroine, who has had the biggest crush on Trevor Meade like FOREVER
 2. oh yea..Trevor Meade, hottie fireman who is like a fourth brother to Chastity, or at least she tries to see him that way, and
3. A story line that takes your heart, twists it, slams it down, steps on it and then picks it up to glue all the pieces back together, all while making you laugh your ass off...READ IT!!

 Another RITA winner in 2010 is Too Good to be True (02/09).  We have Grace, who was dumped by her man for her little sister, and in convincing everyone that she is "Just Fine" she makes up this amazing boyfriend.  The only issue is coming up with said boyfriend for the wedding...but in walks Callahan, hottie neighbor to save the day.....well only if they can get past the horrible first meeting...

The Next Best Thing (02/10) has four widows, adorable fat cats, a sister who is sleeping with the creepy guy from the funeral home and one friends with benefits relationship with a very sexy brother in law....I know...but be warned, you will need tissues!

 All I Ever Wanted (08/10) takes Callie, who is in love with her boss, has the cutest Grandfather ever and might be attracted to the new guy in town, well if he would stop scowling at her every time they meet...be warned...this one has a few tear jerking moments!!

 My One and Only (04/11), her newest release follows divorce Attorney, Harper, when she is thrown together with her ex-husband, Nick on a crazy cross country adventure.  Sometimes being stuck with the one person who hurt you the most isn't always a bad thing......WARNING....Tissues Needed....Oh Boy...

 Can't wait for her next release, Until There Was You coming November 2011, and for those of you who have not yet read anything by Kristan Higgins, you better get started right away...you won't be able to  stop at just one!

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