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TVBT: BEYOND LIMITS by Laura Griffin (Tracers Series #8) #NewRelease #Giveaway #Interview #Suspense

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Beyond Limits
The Tracers Series #8
Laura Griffin
Released January 27th, 2015
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FBI agent Elizabeth LeBlanc is still caught in the aftermath of her last big case when she runs into the one man from her past who is sure to rock her equilibrium even more. Navy SEAL Derek Vaughn is back home from a harrowing rescue mission in which he found evidence of a secret terror cell on US soil. Elizabeth knows he’ll do anything to unravel the plot—including seducing her for information. And despite the risks involved, she’s tempted to let him. . . .

On the surface Derek’s offering a simple deal—Elizabeth provides him with intel, he delivers the terrorist. But he knows nothing about Elizabeth is easy, and now their volatile relationship threatens to distract him from the most important mission of his career. Together with the forensics experts at the Delphi Center, he and Elizabeth are closing in on the truth, but it may not be fast enough to avert a devastating impending attack . . . or stop a ruthless enemy from escaping to kill again.

One word comes to mind when I think about BEYOND LIMITS...EXPLOSIVE!  Explosive Action, Explosive Chemistry and an Explosive, on the edge of your seat story line.  If you thought you had a favorite Tracers Novel...Well...Think Again!

BEYOND LIMITS was beyond my expectations...Laura Griffin's writing was spot on, with knowledge, and facts that keep you sucked into the story, literally dropping you right in the middle of the action, as if you are there watching the story unfold.  Griffin's style of writing rival's some of the best in the Romance Suspense genre...maybe topping the list, in my opinion.  I am marveled by her ability to make each Tracer Novel a new and exciting experience...always one step ahead of the reader...from lighting the flame to an explosive finish.

Derek and Elizabeth...I have been wanting to read their book ever since I read SCORCHED, which is Kelsey and Gage's full novel.  Derek is Gage's SEAL Teammate and gets involved in the case where Gage is a murder suspect.  Elizabeth is a newbie in the FBI and she is also working the case.  Just the short amount of time we get to spend with them during SCORCHED is enough to see that these two would ignite quite a spark in and out of the bedroom.  I have to say...LAURA DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  OMG....Elizabeth's reaction to a shirtless Derek is priceless!  

The romance was layered with heart-pounding action and sizzling chemistry that you will have a very hard time putting this one down.  This is a MUST-READ of 2015!

If you haven't read the series yet, I encourage you to start at the beginning, only because each book has so much to offer to the series, but, if you want to just start with SCORCHED and move on to BEYOND LIMITS, that will work too!   

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ATR: Laura, Thank you for stopping by to chat about your New Release in the Tracers Series, BEYOND LIMITS. 

For New Readers, what is the Tracers Series about?

LG: The Tracers are an elite group of forensic experts who help investigators solve their very toughest cases. The Tracers include all sorts of talented people: Mia the DNA expert, Ben the cyber detective, Kelsey the forensic anthropologist. The list goes on! I love writing about these people- not just their work but their tumultuous personal lives, too.

ATR: BEYOND LIMITS is the eighth in the Tracers Series, when you first started writing, let’s go as far back as THREAD OF FEAR, did you have ANY idea that the Tracers would become what it is today?

LG: I had no idea. Originally I had envisioned three books, but the series just kind of took on a life of its own. I would introduce a new character, then readers would ask for that character’s story. With each new book I love bringing in new characters and also catching up with people from past books.

ATR: If you could have one of the field careers that pertain to the Tracer’s team, which would you want for a career?

LG: Well, I’m fascinated by so much of what the Tracers do. You could say I’m a forensics junkie! I really love Mia’s job—she’s the DNA expert. I’m also amazed with all the tricks Ben has up his sleeve. He’s the computer expert who uncovers some key clues in BEYOND LIMITS.

ATR: I know you do a TON of research on the careers associated with the Tracers Team, do you have a favorite “research trip” that you can share, or the coolest thing you have gotten to experience for book research?

LG: The fictional Delphi Center Crime Lab sits in the middle of a body farm. I’ve had a chance to visit one, and what they do there is so interesting (if you can get past being squeamish). It’s amazing to see all the ways that human bones can tell a story for investigators.

ATR: To Date, which is your favorite Tracers novel and why? 

LG: The books are all so different, so I don’t really have a favorite. I love BEYOND LIMITS because the story really pushes these characters to their max—both in their jobs and their personal lives. Derek’s SEAL skills come into play, and Elizabeth’s sharp investigative instincts. But what I love most is their relationship struggle. Derek and Elizabeth have to work hard to find their happy ending.

ATR: Is it difficult to come up with fresh ideas? 

LG: I started out as a newspaper reporter, so I like to keep up with current events. I’m always getting inspired by headlines and news tidbits. And every time I interview a new law enforcement person or forensic expert the ideas start rolling in.

ATR: What is the best part about writing Romance Suspense?

LG: I like to read tense, exciting stories. With romantic suspense you have the sexual tension plus the action-adventure plot to drive the story forward. My favorite books are thrillers where you also feel an emotional connection to the characters.

ATR: I know you are working on the HART & MORENO Series with the fabulous Allison Brennen, and just released your first Hard Cover Suspense, FAR GONE, and then of course we have BEYOND LIMITS now released, so what are you working on currently?

LG: I’m writing the next Tracers book, SHADOW FALL. This one features some of my favorite Tracers characters- Mark Wolfe, Kelsey Quinn, Mia Voss. The book’s hero is Mark’s brother, Liam Wolfe, an ex-Marine who runs a private security firm and finds himself being investigated for a brutal murder.

ATR: Is there anything else you would like to share with readers?

LG: People often ask me if you need to read the Tracers books in order, and you don’t . Each story has a stand-alone mystery and a different romantic couple. So you can dive right in to the series!

ATR: Thank you so much for stopping by to chat!!  Readers, don’t forget to enter to win a Tracers Book Bundle featuring SCORCHED and TWISTED!

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author LAURA GRIFFIN started her career in journalism before venturing into the world of romantic suspense. She is a two-time RITA Award winner (for the books Scorched and Whisper of Warning) as well as the recipient of the Daphne du Maurier Award (for Untraceable). Laura currently lives in Austin, where she is working on her next book. Visit Laura at or

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