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CAN'T STOP LOVIN' YOU by Lynnette Austin (Maverick Junction #3) Hero Profile & Review @ForeverRomance #giveaway #print

Can't Stop Lovin' You (Maverick Junction, #3)

Maverick Junction Series Book Three
Lynnette Austin
Released February 4th, 2014
Grand Central Publishing/ Forever Romance

She's the only dream he wants . . .
Hometown girl Maggie Sullivan can't wait to get out of Maverick Junction. Designing the wedding gown of the year for her friend-and America's Favorite Heiress-is the break Maggie's been waiting for. But her lifelong dream takes an unexpected turn when she runs into her high school sweetheart-now the town's hotter-than-hot veterinarian. Brawley Odell, country right down to the tips of his cowboy boots, has returned to take over the local animal doctor's practice. But the real reason he's in town is that he's never stopped thinking about the fiery green-eyed beauty who once captured his heart . .

Meet Brawley Odell
(Author's Hero Pic)

Name: Brawley Odell
Age: Thirty
Occupation: Veterinarian
Physical Description:
Brawley’s a long, tall Texan—6’4”, midnight blue eyes, and thick, dark hair.
Redheads—especially green-eyed, curvy ones (like his Maggie), animals, horseback riding, photography, and Dottie’s homemade cookies
Mean people and that he hurt Maggie
Relationship Status:
Single, but he hopes to change that soon.
Typical Friday Night:
He loves hanging out with his pals, Ty and Cash, for a couple beers and some pizza. Now that they’ve settled down, though, it’s a little harder to get them to come out to play. When he’s really lucky, he can sweet talk Maggie into heading to Bubba’s Roadhouse for some of the best barbecue ever—and a slow dance to the old Wurlitzer jukebox.
Drink of Choice:
Ice-cold Lone Star beer from a longneck bottle
Favorite Food:
His mom’s green chili enchiladas
Favorite Song:
“Thinking of You” by Dierks Bentley.
Choice of Transportation:
When he can’t be on horseback, he drives a black Tahoe. He’d prefer a pickup, but, with his job, he makes a lot of house calls and needs a place to stow his equipment out of the weather.
Boxers or Briefs:
Boxers. Absolutely.
Best Memory to Date:
            Maggie and I had a moment, and it’s given me hope.

A couple crickets chirped, their voices sounding loud in the quiet. Thinking about heading upstairs to fetch another beer, he heard Maggie’s car pull into the drive, watched the swath of light her beams cut through the darkness.
An overhead light went on when she opened her door, and quiet music from her radio spilled into the night. Apparently Rita had cooked more than the girls could eat because Maggie got out and her head disappeared into the back seat. She came out with a plate of goodies.
His stomach rumbled. He’d worked off every bite of that long-ago pizza.
Maggie walked Dottie to her door and saw her safely inside. She still wore those sexy-as-hell shoes, and his engine kicked into overdrive.
“Hey, Red. Got any more food stashed away in that car?”
“Didn’t you guys eat tonight?”
“Yeah, but we busted butt. I’m starving again.”
She opened the back door and took out another plate. “You know my mom. She always makes twice as much as we need.”
“I was counting on that.”
She made to hand him the plate, but he shook his head. “Join me. Hold on a sec.” He zipped upstairs and grabbed two more beers.
Coming back down, he saw she’d moved to Dottie’s little turquoise patio table and had unwrapped a taco salad, complete with sour cream and guacamole.
He handed her a beer, then broke off a piece of the shell and used it to scoop up salad. Mouth full, he mumbled, “Mmmm. Your mom’s one of the best cooks in the county.”
They sat in the moonlight and devoured the salad.
Their fingers touched, and he linked their hands.
          “Give me fifteen minutes under the stars, Maggie. Surely we can manage that.” He wanted, desperately, to kiss her. “You ever go swimming at the hole anymore?”
When she shook her head, the moonlight glinted off her hair, her earrings. She looked for all the world like a fairy princess.

Words to live by:
 It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing and never the right time to do the wrong thing.
Don't you HATE when you read the third book in a series and enjoy it SO MUCH, that you know that NOW, you have to add the first two to that LONG TBR list that you have...I know...I know.  That's how I feel after reading CAN'T STOP LOVIN YOU by Lynnette Austin.  I loved the writing, the characters, the plotline and build-up of drama.  And Brawley...you just can't go wrong with Brawley Odell.

I also thought the heroine Maggie was awesome!  Who doesn't love a firey tempered Red-Head!  Maggie and Brawley's chemistry was spot on from page one, and it burned hotter and hotter where you wanted to duck for all the sparks that were flyin around!

This is a closed-bedroom door love making, for my ladies who might be wondering, but it was pure fun all around!  Emotional, heart-breaking, but plain ole' good!

Fans of Jane Graves and Lori Wilde will enjoy Lynnette Austin's Maverick Junction Series.
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