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Can mixing business and pleasure ever result in a happy ending?

When sexy, rich Lawrence Russo asks Mia to come and work for him in Italy for two weeks, she jumps at the chance. After all, it beats pole dancing, and the salary he offers her is practically obscene.

A relationship quickly begins to develop between the two, but Mia can't help but wonder if Lawrence's feelings for her are genuine or if he feels he's just paying for a service.

Even if their relationship is strong enough to survive her insecurities, what will happen when somebody from her past shows up and threatens to reveal her deepest, darkest secret?

Content Warning: explicit sex

This book was fast paced and started out with immediate fire and passion.  The chemistry between the two characters was undeniable.
 Mia’s feeling of insecurity was realistic and helped move the conflict plot along. Lawrence’s lack of understanding of this problem was an added conflict, making the plot a little more complicated.
 I got the feeling it was a naughtier version of Pretty Woman. The sex was hot and explicit and made the pages turn easily. A great start for Ms. Emily Wood.

A choice between two men? If only it were that simple.

Melissa Morgan seems to have it all…her modeling career is taking off and she's engaged to one of the most eligible bachelors in London. But when she finds Jonathan cheating on her again, Melissa finds solace in the arms of Riley, a sexy bar owner trying to recover from the heartbreak of his last relationship. Melissa shouldn't even want Riley, but she can't seem to stay away, especially when she finds in him everything that's missing in her relationship with Jonathan.

Melissa knows she has to make a hard choice, and when it comes to choosing between the life she's always wanted and the man she's falling in love with, she might find out that she can't have the best of both worlds.

Content Warning: explicit sex and strong language
This story was about a woman had to make a choice between the life she always wanted and a love of a lifetime.
 This was fast paced and a sultry ride. It started of slow and little by little she took us down a road of intimacy, passion and love.
 Melissa’s dilemma of having to choose her comfortable life with a man who loves her, but can’t change his cheating ways or a love that may be one of a lifetime was heartbreaking.  Leaving her feeling unloved and isolated. This conflict makes her a perfect heroine. I cared what happened to her right from the beginning of the book.
 Riley’s reason for guarding his heart is not as clear, but you know it is something big.  You feel for Riley and his desire to protect his heart.
 The chemistry between the two is immediate. They fall in bed together at their first meeting and the sultry ride begins. The sex is hot and explicit.
 I enjoyed the series and would read more from this author.
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Meet Emily
I have always believed that the best stories are the ones that you can't put down, the ones that transport you to a different place and make you believe in the characters. This is exactly why I write… I have always loved the escapism that reading and writing provides, and there is nothing more exciting than imagining your own set of characters, and then letting them practically write the story for you. Writing has always been a dream of mine, and I'm lucky to have the kind of people around me that have always nurtured and encouraged my passion.
I live a cozy little life in Wales, and when I'm not writing I'm taking care of my young family, studying for a degree in Classical Studies, and training to become a nail technician. I love traveling to new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new things…it's all great inspiration for my books!
I also love to hear from my readers or other writers, so contact me at: or check out my blog at:
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