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THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE by Beth Ciotta @tastybooktours #giveaway

Rocky Monroe’s bad luck is legendary. So it stands to reason that during a quick trip to New York on behalf of the Cupcake Lovers’ forthcoming book, she winds up in the arms of the one man she never wants to see again. So what if he’s also the man she can’t stop dreaming about? Mouth-watering Jayce Bello has always been Rocky’s biggest mistake, and she’s not going to let history repeat itself … unless she gets a new taste of his delicious kisses.

When Jayce Bello left Sugar Creek ten years ago, it was the right thing to do—for him and for Rocky, his best friend’s little sister. But one passionate night with gorgeous, reckless Rocky is enough to prove that she’s the missing ingredient in his happiness. Now, with scandalous secrets souring the sweetness of the Cupcake Lovers’ club, Jayce needs to convince Rocky that their love is something to savor …

The Trouble with Love
Cupcake Lovers #2
Beth Ciotta
Released March 26th, 2013
352 Pages
St. Martin's Paperbacks
Gifted by Author
Reviewed by Lisa

Not only will you be sucked in by the Delicious Treats, but by the "Sweet-Talking" hero named Jayce Bello!

If you have read the first book of the series, FOOL FOR LOVE, you would have met the Monroe Family, Dev, Luke, Rocky and their cousins, Nash and Sam.  Oh...Can't forget Grandma, Daisy!  Reading THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE is like a great big reunion with all my favorite people...and boy can these Monroe boys (and girl) stir up a boat load of trouble. 

First, I will say that I LOVED that Dev and Chloe's love story continued into TTWL.  It was GREAT to see where their future was headed and I look forward to seeing more of them in the future books in the Cupcake Lovers series. 

Now Rocky and Jayce, the hero and heroine of THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE, started their love story, well...thirteen years ago...but, for the sake of not sharing too much, in FOOL FOR LOVE, where we are left off with a HUGE question mark as to what could possibly be a future for them...FINALLY!  We start off THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE right where the last story left off, and once again, I was whisked away into Sugar Creek and decided to stay awhile. 

Rocky and Jayce have a history...oh baby do they, and that history cracks and sizzles with every look, touch and even a and there.  Once you think they finally have things settled between them, some other obstacle tries to get in their way.  But, as with true love, once you have figured out that this person is your meant to be, you fight harder, and that is exactly what Jayce and Rocky do...cause you need someone special by your side to help you fight off the demons of your past or to help you see the clear path to your future. 

Not only did I fall completely in love with Jayce Bello within these pages, and it's not just cause I love a tortured hero, but cause he is not letting anything get in his way this time, when it comes to Rocky.  He isn't going to let her run and he isn't going to back down and I loved his determination, even when faced with a heroine who was so unsure of what her future plans may be.  Oh...and their the least they could do something right!

As for the rest of the Monroe family....oh boy do we have some "business" goin on!  Sinfully sexy brother Luke gets himself into a bit of hot water with a certain mousy waitress, who his cousin just happens to be dating (well...if you count the first date from hell), and big brother Dev might just have some news of his own...and Grandma...well, she is just as wild as ever! 

If you haven't met the Monroe Family yet, I highly recommend you grab FOOL FOR LOVE and THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE and spend a night or two lost in Sugar Creek.  Pack your may want to stay awhile! get a sneak peak at ANYTHING FOR LOVE, the next book in the series, where Luke has finally met his match!

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Beth Ciotta said...

Thank you for the wonderful review, Lisa. So glad you enjoyed tha tale!!

Jen C said...

I LOVED the first book in the series and have been waiting for this one to come out. I can't wait to read it!

Thanks, Beth, for some fun stories. And, thanks TR for sharing such great authors with us readers!

luv2readrom (at) yahoo (dot) com

Peaces of Me said...

I can't wait to read this one! (It hasn't made it to a bookstore here yet)

Di said...

I Love a family series and this one sounds wonderful! Following the members thru a series of stories is so much fun.

sallans d at yahoo dot com

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

I will never miss one of Beth's books. I want to read them all. I have already read so many of Beth's books

yenastone at aol dot com

bn100 said...

Nice review

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Quilt Lady said...

Great review! I haven't read any of this series but sounds good.

quiltlady110 AT gmail DOT com

Victoria Zumbrum said...

I would love to read this series. It sounds really good. Thanks for the giveaway.

Pat L. said...

I have the first book on my tbr and cannot wait to read all in the series.