Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-DAY with Lacey Wolfe and The Men of HOT BODS

I am thrilled to be able to spend my Valentine's Day with the Very Sexy, Always Sweet,  Men of the Hot Bods Series...oh and of course Lacey Wolfe herself!

Lacey is giving us a special treat. She brought the Hot Bods Men here to A Tasty Read to share their Valentine's Plans with us.  She is also hosting a wonderful giveaway, so make sure to read the entire post to find out how you can enter.

Take it away Lacey...

Valentine’s Day seems to be one of those holidays you either love or hate. My husband, the hero in my life, hates holidays. All of them. Every year I hear him complain about all the money spent, that to be honest, when I get my gift—usually a card and candy—all I can do is hear him complaining in my head as he forked out the money to the cashier.

This year, I’m spending Valentine’s Day with A Tasty Read. What could be better? And I decided to bring along with me the four sexy hero’s from the Hot Bods series. Each of them is going to tell us what they are doing for the special lady in their life.

Drew (Fool Me Once): I love to surprise Skylar with trips. Anytime I can talk her into taking a few days off from the gym, I whisk her away to some place magical. This year will be no different other than the fact we’re leaving the country. She has never been to Paris and what better time that now to go.

Adam (More Than Useful): I’m not big on holidays. Amy is always baking some sort of creation and I’m sure I’ll get some new muffin she’s made. Don’t get me wrong, she can make some really good things. I think I heard her chatting about cherries and dark chocolate or something. But yeah, I’m supposed to be telling what I will be doing for her. Does eating her creation count? *snickers* I think I’m just going to do the whole flowers, cards, and a box of chocolate. Maybe a kitten. She’s been wanting one.

Ben (Accidental Love): I’m very excited this year. I want to do something big for Jane. I’m thinking a bubble bath and rose peddles all over the house. Of course I’ll have to put Toby her lab up so he doesn’t eat all the peddles. I might light candles all over the entire house too. And once she’s fully relaxed, I’m going to devour her. Romance is my department all the way.

Randy (Opposites Attract): I’m with Adam about this holiday thing, but if you’ve met Francesca, than you know I’d better produce something. I think I’ll take her out to an over-priced restaurant for dinner, followed by a movie on the couch. Something we both like. Oh, and she doesn’t know it yet, but I’ve been working on a secret project in the shop. My old truck from high school we always rode around in. I restored it. It’s what we’re riding in for our date.

The men of the Hot Bods series have some big plans. I hope the girls are ready!

Which of the men above would you choose for Valentine’s Day? One lucky commenter will get to choose a book of choice from the series. *Please note: these are erotic romance novellas*

To learn more about Hot Bods, check it out at:

Thank you so much for having me here today Lisa!
Lacey, you are welcome back ANYTIME!! And I hope ALL of you will come back tomorrow when I will review OPPOSITES ATTRACT, Randy's book and the last book in the Hot Bods Series. 
Winner of the V-Day Giveaway will be announced tomorrow so make sure to get your comments in TODAY!! And BTW...I'll take Randy...always loved makin' out in the car!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!


Lacey Wolfe said...

Thank you so much for having me on! Randy is one of my favs too. :)

Anonymous said...

I always thought I connected most with Adam (although, obviously I don't know about Randy yet) but based on the guys' answers, I have to say I like Ben's plan the best. Especially the devouring part... ;)

Jen C said...

Wow, it looks like people were busy yesterday. Whoops! (Or more like whoopie)

These sound like some fun reads.


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