Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meet Sparrow Reed & SECRETS OF THE SKY Giveaway

A Tasty Read would like to welcome Ms. Sparrow Reed, heroine of SECRETS OF THE SKY, the New Release from the fabulous, Jaye Shields. Please make sure you read on to enter the Giveaway for a Digital Copy of SECRETS OF THE SKY!!

A Tasty Read: Sparrow, so excited to have you here today, and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit A Tasty Read today.

Sparrow Reed: Oh, doll! Thanks for havin’ me. My aunt Melissandra wanted me to try out the invisibility scarf she knitted. I’m not about to go MIA due to a Wiccan fashion mishap. Glad to be here!

ATR: Let's get down to the nitty-gritty, TEAM ROWEN or TEAM PYRRHUS?? Hee Hee, I already know your answer, I just wanted to stir the pot a little. A Jealous Rowen is a Very Hot Rowen!

Sparrow: Tee-hee. Hands off, foxy lady. He’s mine. Who’s jealous now? ;) Sodor is single though if you want me to hook you up. He’s definitely the man-whore amongst the Knights of the Fog though. And Pyrrhus…well, I heard a rumor that he’s taken now days.

ATR: I would like to talk about the "Love Triangle" between You, Rowen and Pyrrhus. Those were some VERY realistic erotic dreams you had about Pyrrhus, are you all still friends? Has Rowen gotten over his jealousy about the dreams? Do you and Rowen have Pyrrhus over for dinner? Do you double date?

Sparrow: We are still friends. Rowen is still a bit extra alpha around Pyrrhus though…. But recently we both shed blood for that man, which creates quite the long-lasting bond.

ATR: I hear that Pyrrhus might just get his own happy ending, can you give us the scoop on that?

Sparrow: Someone told me that Jaye wrote a tale that takes place where my book,, Secrets of the Sky left off. I won’t say what happens for those of you who haven’t read it yet, but let’s just say Pyrrhus is left in a precarious situation. His book begins where Sky leaves off. Does he get a happily ever after? Only time will tell!


Quick & Quirky Questions

Knight or Quetzalem?


Tattoos or Piercings?

Really? You’re going to ask the girl with a back full of tattoos this question? ;)

Cappuccino or Espresso?


Blueberry or Chocolate Chip?

Chocolate chip. No doubt.

Wiccans or Dryads?

Tee-hee. I’m going to go with Dryads since my Wiccan aunts tend to drive me nuts ;)

ATR: Sparrow, you are awesome, and I hope you will come back again to hang out with me. I am giving away a digital copy of SECRETS OF THE SKY to ONE Lucky Commenter, so please give them a Giveaway Question to answer to enter.


So my sexy readers, do you have any tattoos? If you don’t what would you get?
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