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Secrets of the Sky
Immortals of Alameda #2
Jaye Shields
Released Feb 4th, 2013
Crimson Romance
Source: Tasty Book Tours
Reviewer: Lisa

You think Love-Triangles were so five years ago? Well, I guess you haven't read SECRETS OF THE SKY by Jaye Shields.  Paranormal Fantasy lovers will no doubt enjoy this New Release in the Immortals of Alameda Series.

Sparrow Reed might look like an angel, but she’s a witch with a back full of enchanted tattoos and she’s not afraid to use them. When her best friend’s life is threatened by an evil Goddess, Sparrow joins an epic battle against the demons sent to destroy her home. She never realized that the night she almost died, her life would truly begin.

Rowen Aerion of the Knights of the Fog was sent to the human realm to tip the balance in an unfair fight. But when he arrives on Alcatraz Island to aid the mortal humans, he sees an angel fighting demons. But she’s not an angel, she’s human. And according to a soothsayer, his love for her will mean her demise.

Sparrow is thrust into a world she never imagined existed, yet nothing thrills her like the handsome warrior who refuses her seduction. When Rowen’s rejection sends Sparrow into the arms of a dangerous rebel, Rowen must decide which is more dangerous, the oracle’s grim warning, or forsaking his heart’s sole desire.

Now coming from a Romance reader who basically sticks with Contemporary Romance, I can truly say that I enjoyed SECRETS OF THE SKY, even more than the first book in the Immortals series, SECRETS OF THE FOG.  There is just something about Rowen that drags you in and doesn't seem to want to let go. 

The heavy flirtation, the very sexy love scenes and the even sexier "Dreams" that Sparrow has, all centers around two things, the wild attraction that Sparrow and Rowen share, and the feelings of insecurity that come with the start of any relationship, but especially one where the woman you want is having sexual dreams about someone,or something else, and there is nothing you can do to stop it...sheesh...poor Rowen!

Jaye does a great job at mixing in the Paranormal elements, the different types of creatures, the colorful descriptions of other realms, with elements of a romance that someone like me enjoys, the sweet glances, the drunken make-out sessions and the calling out the wrong guys name after an orgasm...Ooops!!

Rowen appeared beside Sodor in the doorway. Flecks of blood dotted his face, but Sparrow barely noticed. Instead, her gaze slid downward. His leather pants clung to his athletic thighs, and his whole body was damp, as if it had been drenched by a wave.

Beads of water dotted his strong chest like a sky filled with stars.

Was she staring?

What kind of sick person stared at a ripped, glistening torso instead of a

blood-splattered neck and face?

A horny one.

Melissandra seemed to notice the sensual tension filling the room and Sparrow’s quick silence at Rowen’s entrance. “Should we go above deck and help these knights clean up a bit? Obviously there appears to be a blood and guts issue.”

Sparrow blushed because she knew her skills with Wiccan were not at the same level as her aunts. To be honest, she wished she could whip out a really cool spell and impress Rowen with her abilities. After all, who knew what kind of otherworldly women he was usually surrounded by?

Morgana took the cue from her sister and pushed past the knights before they could answer. “We’ll have this place clean in a jiffy. Although if my dear niece’s telekinesis skills were up to par, her bedroom wouldn’t look like a disaster zone.”

Sparrow blushed once more as everyone else headed above deck. Only Rowen stayed behind, and she wondered if he’d sensed her discomfort.

“I’ve seen your talents in action. You flew brilliantly.” He smiled. “Who needs

She laughed, comfortable around this stunning man for the first time. “Thanks.”

“Shall we go above deck for some air?” Rowen gestured for Sparrow to go beforehim. As she walked past his form, Sparrow became all the more aware of how his body filled the space. The scent of blood and a strange odor, probably demon guts, drifted through the space, a reminder that the gentle voice belonged to a deadly warrior. She halted next to him.

He was so tall, Sparrow had to tilt her head up to gaze at his face. She smiled lightly when his aqua gaze recognized her close proximity. Her hands hovered just above his cheeks. Sparrow gazed at him and began chanting in her head until a subtle glow emanated from her hands. The light reached the skin of Rowen’s cheeks and buffed away the flecks that had dried on his skin.

As she finished chanting and the glow dissipated, Sparrow thought she saw a hungry look pass through Rowen’s expression. Lust? Sparrow smiled and withdrew her hands. “See, I’m not completely useless.” Happy to pull off the simple cleansing spell, Sparrow did her best to saunter seductively down the hall. After all, she didn’t want that to be the last time she received that hungry look from her warrior.

All in all, I think that anyone would enjoy SECRETS OF THE SKY, even if you don't see yourself as a "Paranormal Fan".  The series is inventive, creative, action-packed and the secondary characters are a hoot!  Ooh...and those KNIGHTS OF THE FOG...YUM!!

I would recommend SECRETS OF THE SKY and I truly hope you enjoy it!  Please enter the SECRETS OF THE SKY DIGITAL Giveaway and check out today's other post, where we meet the heroine of SECRETS OF THE SKY, Spunky Sparrow Reed!

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Jaye Shields said...

Thanks for such a great review, Lisa! I know you're a tough cookie and I'm glad you enjoyed Secrets of the Sky. Thanks again for everything A Tasty Read and Tasty Tours have done for the Immortals in Alameda series!

Brandy Dorsch said...

Love the review! Just wanted to stop in and say Hey!

Tore said...

I have a tattoo. A pegasus. T hanks for the giveaway.

Accessory Designer said...
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Jaye Shields said...

Tore, A pegasus sounds beautiful!!!