Monday, October 22, 2012


Special Treat today ladies...especially for my Maya Banks/KGI Fans!  After my review of SOFTLY AT SUNRISE, make sure to keep reading for a chance to win a DIGITAL copy of this KGI Novella featuring one of Maya's most beloved couples, Rachel and Ethan Kelly, from the first KGI Book, THE DARKEST HOUR.

Softly at Sunrise
KGI #5.5
Maya Banks
Released Aug 21st, 2012
132 Pages
Digital Copy
Source: Gifted by Author

Rachel and Ethan Kelly have finally got their life back together after all the past trauma they endured.  But now Rachel is ready to go back to work teaching and the couple is planning to move into a new home behind the gates at the Kelly compound, but Ethan is still nervous about Rachel going back to work, and throw in a bundle of drama, and we have ourselves a novella about this beloved couple from THE DARKEST HOUR, the first KGI romance from Maya Banks.

I actually had to go back to THE DARKEST HOUR and re-read about Ethan and Rachel Kelly, yes another heartbreaking time...swoon!!  Those Kelly brothers are quite the protective men, especially when it comes to the woman they love. 

SOFTLY AT SUNRISE gives us a glimpse into the lives of Rachel and Ethan, how they are handling life without all the drama, well, they intended to have no more drama, but sometimes life surprises you.  The book is only a novella, so I don't want to give anything away, but for all of you KGI fans, you will by truly happy when you finish SOFTLY, you will be left light-hearted and full of smiles...I love a happily-ever-after!!

I would suggest getting your hands on a copy of THE DARKEST HOUR, if you have not yet read it, before you read SOFTLY AT SUNRISE, only because you will be more emotionally invested in Ethan and Rachel's relationship, as well as, many of the other secondary characters.  But don't let me stop you at just Ethan and Rachel's romance, you still have Sam and Sophie, Garrett and Sarah, Nathan and Shea and Rio and Grace.  So I say, if you haven't read the KGI series, get started today!!

For all my Maya and KGI fans, Maya is offering a FREE digital copy to ONE LUCKY WINNER!! 

All you have to do is name who you would choose to play Ethan and Rachel Kelly in the movie?

We need a blue-eyed Ex-Navy SEAL and a brown-eyed beauty with long strands.
 (If you haven't read the books, take a wild guess, that's the fun part)

Winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 24th. 


Anonymous said...

I must admit, I have not read thses books, but am adding them to by TBR pile immediately. So, based on your descriptions, Matt Boomer (White Collar) and Minka Kelly (FNL). Thanks for the chance to win! Have a super week!!

hallhome (at) hotmail (dot) com

Corinne said...

Hmmmm all I could think of was actor Chris Pine for Ethan and Anne Hathaway (long hair version)...that was a quick idea.

Sounds like a good read and thanks for the chance to enter!! =)


krg said...

Ethan: Paul Walker
Rachel: Natalie Portman
The love the KGI series! Thanks for the chance to win the continuation of Ethan and Rachel's story!

Jen C said...

I'm bad at knowing actors' names, so I'm just being a pain in the butt here: Kristen Steward and Robert Pattinson

Ok, not really, but I loved Maya Banks' McCabe trilogy and I'd like to try her contemporary stuff.

luv2readrom (at) yahoo (dot) com

A Tasty Read said...

So many GREAT answers, but I have to agree with Krg and her pick of Paul Walker and Natalie Portman...Paul is oh so sexy and Natalie has that vulnerable feel about her!!

I will contact Blue Fountain Media with your information!!

Thank you EVERYONE for entering!

krg said...

Yay! Thank you very much! =D