Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Cowboy for Christmas? Yes, please!

A Cowboy for Christmas
Jubilee, Texas Series
Lori Wilde
Releasing Oct 30th, 2012
384 Pages
Avon Romance
Source: Gifted by Publisher

Can't help but love me some Rafferty Jones...oh baby!!  This book should come with a warning label, "Will Fall For Hero".


It's Christmastime in Jubilee, Texas, but Lissette Moncrief is having a hard time celebrating . . .

Especially after she accidentally smashes her car into Rafferty Jones's pick-up truck. Yes, he's a whole lot of handsome—from the tips of his boots to the top of his Stetson. But he's no Christmas present. Lissy's not about to let herself get whisked away by his charming ways and words . . . only to watch him drive away in the end.

But what Lissy doesn't know is Rafferty's in town just to meet her—and to give her a share in a windfall that doesn't rightly belong to him. At first, he just wants to do his good deed and get out. But one look at this green-eyed beauty has him deciding to turn this into a Christmas to remember . . . making promises he's determined to keep—whether she believes in them or not.

Lori Wilde does it AGAIN!!  She always manages to grab my heart and play with it for a while, taunting and teasing, and then she gives it back whole again...I don't know if I can take it anymore.  I loved the first two books in the Jubilee, Texas series, but I think A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS has some stiff competition for pun intended...hee hee!

I simply adored this book from page one, getting sucked into Lisette Moncrief's grief and sorrow, falling in love with little Kyle and wanting to bring Jake back from the dead so that I could kill him again.  But then Rafferty Jones walks, well saunters, into her life and somehow the sun is shining again.  You will literally fall in love with Rafferty the moment he opens his mouth...he is everything Lisette needs and wants but doesn't think she can have. 

I loved this book from start to finish, wishing that it would never end.  The relationship that builds between these two is electric and I literally sat on the edge of my chair waiting for the tension to explode!! 

This is a TO-READ, as well as, the other two books in the series, THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE and THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS.  They will have you feeling joy and pain, will have you laughing and then crying, but isn't that what we love best about romance, the way a book can pull you so far into the story that you feel as if you are standing right there, feeling emotions right along with the characters...Lori Wilde does it to me EVERY TIME!!

Enjoy and Happy Reading!!

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Pat L. said...

On my wish list. Love Lori's books.