Monday, October 29, 2012


Secrets of the Fog
Immortals in Alameda Series
Jaye Shields
Released Oct 29th, 2012
173 Pages
Crimson Romance
Source: Gifted by Author

Jaye Shields brings us another Paranormal Romance that reaches to the furthest corners of our imagination and introduces us to some half-naked Knights!


When the dryad Tera’s friends inform her that the portal on Alcatraz Island is buzzing with an arrival, she thinks her goddess mother has come to visit. When Tera arrives at the portal to welcome her, she doesn’t find her mother, she finds a gigantic otherworldly warrior causing mass destruction among the San Francisco tourists. Being a forest dryad born from the Goddess of the Hunt has its perks, and kicking ass is one of them.

Sabin is six-feet-six of hard-bodied soldier, used to subduing demons twice his size. One day after chasing an elusive smoke demon through a portal into the human realm, Sabin is brought to his knees by a beautiful woman, literally. After arriving at a pier full of dead bodies, Tera issues a passionate smack-down before Sabin can explain that he’s the good guy.

He’s just in time: an an ancient grudge has come to life. Eris, the Goddess of Chaos, has held a bitter hatred for Tera’s mother, Artemis, for over 400 years – and now she’s ready to destroy all dryads – including Tera.

If Secrets of the Fog is Jaye Shields baby, then call me Auntie Lisa.  I can't express how proud I am to see Jaye's first Paranormal Romance finally published, and knowing that her fans are going to enjoy the story makes it all the more satisfying.  Tera, Sabin and the whole Alameda crew have come a long way and I can't wait to hear what all of you think!

Secrets of the Fog follows along Tera on a journey of not only self-discovery, but of falling in love...and falling into bed with a very sexy, very seductive Knight of the Fog, Sabin.  Sabin, following a smoke demon into the human realm, practically falls into Tera's arms, or into her fist, depending on who is telling the story.  With these two, it is love at first, or maybe second sight, but the connection throws both of them for a loop. 

Aside from working together, along with Sparrow, The Knights and a few Wiccan's, to rid San Francisco of invading demons, Tera and Sabin are also trying to find a way to navigate these new feelings that have come between them. 

This is not your typical cookie-cutter romance.  This Paranormal Romance takes you to places that you could never have thought up on your own.  One minute you will be cheering on Tera and Sabin in battle and then waiting until they are together again, engaged in a deep kiss.  I found myself cheering for these two until the very end, I just wanted them to find a way to their Happily-Ever-After.

Within Secrets of the Fog, we get a menagerie of secondary characters which you can't help wishing they were your friends.  Many of them will make appearances in the next two books of the series, so know that it's not the end.  There are many more adventures ahead for the Immortals of Alameda.  Oh...and more half-naked Knights!!

I recommend this romance to anyone looking for something new, something fresh and something where you get to visit other realms!!  Open your imagination and give Secrets of the Fog a try!!


Angelia Almos/Angie Derek said...

Congrats on the new release Jaye!

Lana Williams said...

Sounds like a great story, Jaye! Adding it to my TBR list!

Jaye Shields said...

What a great review! Thanks, Auntie Lisa! I'm soooo excited to send my book out into the world. Thanks for stopping by, ladies!