Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Kowalski Double Play

All He Ever Needed
Kowalski Family #4
Shannon Stacey
Released Sept 10th, 2012
Carina Press-Ebook
Releasing Dec 18th, 2012
HQN- Paperback
Source: NetGalley

"Men are a luxury, not a necessity."

Great mantra for Paige Sullivan to live by, if only she hadn't ever met Mitch "Never Settle-Down" Kowalski.  Mitch comes back to his hometown to help his younger brother, Josh, get the family business back together, little does he know the new owner at the town diner might just keep him coming back for more...pie...hee hee.

Unfortunately for Paige, who has finally settled down with her life, her new business and her small, but homey trailer, she finds herself falling for the one man who likes to be on the go, never owning anyone explanations.  They both agreed to a fling, but when your heart gets involved, that's when things get really complicated.

I LOVE the Kowalski Family and all the books in the series so far, but I think for me, Mitch takes the cake.  I loved the dialogue between Mitch and Paige, I loved the start of their affair and I LOVED the end.  Paige and Mitch are what romance novels are all about. 

This is a NEED-TO-READ for all my Tasty Readers, as well as, the rest of the Kowalski Family Series. 

All He Ever Desired
Kowalski Family#5
Shannon Stacey
Releasing Nov 19th, 2012
Carina Press- Ebook
Releasing Feb 26th, 2013
HQN- Paperback
Source: NetGalley

Ryan Kowalski is back in town, and trying his best to stop running into the one woman that he always wanted and never had, Lauren Carpenter.  Lauren can't forget that "what-if" moment in her life with Ryan years ago, but now she may have a second chance with him and she plans to take full advantage.  But for two people who's lives are so far apart, can a romance work between them, or will they just crash and burn?

The fifth book in the Kowalski Series was so much fun!  Not only did we have a steamy, sexy romance brewing between Ryan and Lauren, but we got to see all our old Kowalski relatives.  And what I still want to know is, "What is going to happen between a certain couple that disappeared during a certain event at the lodge?"  I hope Shannon doesn't keep me waiting too long to find out!!

These Kowalski brothers just can't get it together...and I can only imagine what a trip baby-brother, Josh will be in the next installment, All He Ever Dreamed.  I really enjoyed the romance between Ryan and Lauren and all the "real-issues" they had to face, with ex-husbands and sixteen year-old sons, that might have been my favorite part.  I really liked Nick, and I thought Shannon did an excellent job with portraying a sixteen year-old, and the trouble that they can get into when dealing with their issues.

This was another fun, sexy, romantic read and I hope with all hope that Shannon continues to write more of the Kowalski Family, cause I sure do love them!!

Make sure this Upcoming Release is on your Pre-Order list!!

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