Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Longing For Love
The McCarthy's of Gansett Island #7
Marie Force
Released Oct 2nd, 2012
368 Pages
HTJB, Inc.
Source: Purchased by Reviewer

Marie brings Naughty to Gansett Island!!

Series favorite Tiffany Sturgil steals the spotlight in Longing for Love as her new boutique Naughty & Nice opens in downtown Gansett, right in time for the annual spring Race Week festivities. Finally divorced and ready for a new beginning, Tiffany wonders if sexy Police Chief Blaine Taylor thinks of her as often as she thinks of him since their explosive encounter last fall.

Back then he directed her to call him the second she was officially divorced, but the opening of her store and her unconventional advertising "campaign" have put the island's lingerie queen at odds with the town's top cop. Despite their clashes, when these two finally get together after months of steamy build up, readers will need to keep a fire extinguisher close at hand!


I for one was THRILLED when Marie announced that Tiffany was going to get her own book.  I had been sayin that Tiffany needed a good "Schtuping" since book one of the series, and she was still married then, but I didn't think she was going to be married for long.

If you are a reader of the Gansett Series, you know that in the last book, Tiffany and Blaine shared a wildly sexy encounter on her kitchen counter that set us up for what was to come when these two FINALLY got together, and boy, oh boy, Marie NEVER disappoints!!

"Is there something in particular I can show you?" She asked, glancing at him
His grin was nothing short of predatory.
"Anything in the store, that is."
"I have this friend, " he said. "About your height and size.  I'd like to get something for her.  Something special."
Playing along, Tiffany said, "Is this a new friend or an old friend?"
"So you don't want anything too racy."
"On the contrary.  The racier the better."
LONGING FOR LOVE was Naughty, Nice and Everything Right!! Marie took us to the edge of the line with some steamy hot sex scenes that will have you looking for the closest freezer! I for one, simply loved the romance between Tiffany and Blaine. He comes to find that she is someone who can stand on her own two feet and someone that he wants to stand next to, and she comes to find him to be more than just a pretty face and a oh so sexy body, (and a kinky mind), but a man that she wouldn't mind having in her life when things get tough, and he is even wild about her daughter...I know...SWOON!!

Like all the other Gansett Island romances, we also get to see what some of our other Gansett couples have been up to, and a few new romances have blossomed in LONGING.  Kara and Dan finally take the next step in their relationship (I LOVE these two), and Semus makes an announcement that not only shakes up the island but Carolines whole world.  There is much romance and a bit of kink coming to Gansett in LONGING FOR LOVE, so I say, if you are not on the Island...Get started today!! 

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franlori said...

I was looking for a new book...this is it! Thanks! I know I can always count on your opinion!!

Marie Force said...

Thanks, Lisa! Glad you enjoyed Tiffany's book!