Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Such a Rush
Jennifer Echols
Released July 10th, 2012
325 Pages
MTV Books
Source: Gifted by Author

One of my FAVORITE YA Authors is at it again with another fabulous summer romance.  Such a Rush has the recipe for a beautiful teen romance: broody, handsome hero, golden boy brother and beautiful, dare devil heroine stuck in the middle.

I was very unsure that I was going to enjoy the newest release from Jennifer Echols, but if her name is on the cover, I am going to read it, and I am SO glad that I did.  Such a Rush, which takes place in Heaven, South Carolina, actually mentions Wilmington, North Carolina, where I happen to live, which I thought was SOOOOO cool.  It's fun when you are reading a book and you are actually so aware of the location because you have been there.  I could see the airstrips, the trailer park, the beach bars and the vacationers. 

Leah Jones is a girl with a dream and the one person who ever cared to help her dream become a reality was Mr. Hall, but now Mr. Hall is gone, and Leah is asked to work for his two son's, Grayson and Alec, who are trying to keep the banner business alive.  Grayson, the trouble-maker, has held Leah's interest since the day she first saw him five years ago, but has never given her more of a nod of acknowledgement in all of these years.  Now Grayson needs her to fly for him and he is blackmailing her into not just working for him, but into faking interest in his brother.  Let's just say that A LOT can happen in a week, and when secrets are revealed, will Leah lose her dream and her heart?  I'm not telling..hee hee

Add Such a Rush to the AWESOME pile ladies...Jennifer Echols does not disappoint!!  This book was fun, fast-paced, and exciting.  My heart pounded like a teenage girl when the school bad-boy looked my way!!  As each secret is revealed, we are able to start piecing the puzzle together, until we find out the truth behind Grayson's blackmailing scheme, and how he really feels about Leah....swoon!!

Another killer YA summer romance.  Read it yourself or recommend it to your daughter, niece, sister or cousin...or any girl that loves a romance with a very handsome bad-boy!!  Such a Rush is highly recommended and I thank Jennifer Echols for giving me the chance to read it!!

Enjoy and Happy Reading Ladies!!

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