Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Slammed #1
Colleen Hoover
Published Jan 5th, 2012
314 Pages
Source: Reviewer Purchased

Slammed by Colleen Hoover definitely lives up to it's name.  I simply LOVE how the author uses the title within the book, as in Slam Poetry, and Slamming the door on your feelings.  Which we get a bit of both in this Fantastic Debut YA.  

Layken Cohen moves from her home in Texas to Michigan with her mother, Julia and younger brother, Kel, after the sudden death of her father.  She decides that she hates everything about Michigan until she meets her neighbor, Will Cooper.  Lake feels a connection to Will from the first second they meet and it goes on to become stronger after he takes her on a date and let's her into his world.  But there are things that neither knows about each other, and those things will stand to tear them apart. 

Will Cooper...can we say *SWOON*...there is no way you will finish this book and NOT be in love with Will Cooper.  He has definitely made the YA Hero Crush List!!

This was a recommended read from a few of my amazing Tasty Readers, and I have to say, they are spot on EVERY TIME!!  Slammed is one of those books that sucks you into the story, making you feel as if you are right there, hurting along with the main characters, feeling what they feel, breaking as they break.  I love when a book grabs you by the heartstrings and takes you on a wild ride.

The poetry shared within the Slam sessions, as well as, in Poetry class, is AMAZING!!  You will have to read to understand what I mean.  I loved the Slam done by Eddie, Lake's best friend at her new school.  I was curious to know more about her, and after reading her Slam, you find out all that you needed to know and more, I think I liked her even more after.

Slammed also has a sequel, Point of Retreat, which is also available on Amazon, and I highly recommend purchasing both, since you will need to jump right into the second book after finishing Slammed, as I did, reading until 3am, just to finish.  They are so worth the read and the purchase, cause you will be going back and re-reading over and over, maybe even highlighting your favorite lines and poems.  I simply LOVED this book and Point of Retreat. 

So Enjoy and Happy Reading!

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