Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ms. Griffin keeps us TWISTED

Tracers #5
Laura Griffin
Released April 17th, 2012
400 pages
Pocket Star
Source: Author Gifted

Oh how I freakin LOVE the Tracers Series, and Twisted can just be added to the top of the list. 

Detective Allison Doyle, who you will recognize from Snapped, is caught in the middle of a robbery when she is helped by FBI Profiler, Mark Wolfe....and the sparks fly from there.  Mark is a no-nonsense kind of agent who is in town working a serial murder case, that may or may not be connected to a recent homicide in the small-town of San Marcos.

Unfortunately for Mark, when Allison gets on a case, or bullies her way onto a case, she does not back down, even if it mean putting herself in danger.  She tends to get under Mark's skin in more than one way, but he knows that a relationship, even a one night stand, is a bad idea.  He is a workaholic and a relationship with a woman sixteen years his junior is not what he is looking for, but stubborn Allison is not backing down on the case or on Mark. 

"I don't want to watch him look at you!" he boomed, and she jerked back.  "I don't want him seeing you! Thinking about you! I don't want him goddamn smelling you, all right?  He's a piece of shit and you don't belong in the same room with him!"

OH BABY....Not only was I caught up in the Twists and Turns the case was taking, but the chemistry sizzling between Allison and Mark from the second they laid eyes on each other.  I was hung up on every word, every look, every move these two made.  It was like watching an intense chess game where you are awaiting the next move.  I LOVED IT!!  And Kelsey had it right when she said that Mark was "intense" and it was in everything he did, even the way he looked at Allison sometimes...I just wanted things to work out between them so bad.

And...we get the low down on WHAT HAPPENED WITH GAGE AND KELSEY...well...we will have to wait until Burned is released to read the full story, but we do get a little snip it of information which has me on my toes in anticipation for the next Tracers book. 

If you are a Laura Griffin fan and are a Tracers Fan then I don't have to tell you to get this book, but if you have not yet read a Laura Griffin Romance Suspense, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??  I would even start as far back as Thread of Fear to where we get to meet Nathan Devereaux for the first time, who is the hero of the first Tracers Book, Untraceable,  and you get to meet Jack and Fiona, who are by far on of my FAVORITE literary couples.  So there are SO MANY good reason to pick up a Laura Griffin Romance and I hope you will take my advice!!


Jaye Shields said...

Never read her before. Definitely putting t on my summer reading list. Sounds irresistable.

Pat L. said...

I have not read Laura before either. Sounds v.g.